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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley Mar 3, 1999 1:08 PM Flag


    Who's so naive that he tries to SCREAM a stock
    price down on a bulletin board. Foxsucks must be short
    in the low 20's to be this manic. Or maybe, OH MY
    GOD, he IS the FOX specialist.
    You'd better cover

    • Anybody who sold today based on that bonehead's
      message deserves to get taken to the cleaners. That guy
      obviously is shorting the stock and using this board to try
      and bring it down. Please say you didn't sell just
      because you believed that ignoramus. Look at the numbers
      and what other brokers are saying. When it starts to
      spike, you are going to wish you didn't read manic
      bonehead messages and obey. And if you were stupid enough
      to short, get your luggage ready - que tenga buen

    • I'm thinking of taking a position in Fox, but am
      wondering if anyone can help me out regarding upcoming
      profits. Star Wars will obviously be big, but it seems
      this is well aware of in the market, so wouldn't this
      have already been factored into price? And could
      market expectations be almost unrealistic on this

      Also Fox TV hasn't been exactly scorching lately.
      Simpsons and x-files are wrapping up, what else are they
      doing? Seems to me UPN and WB have stolen a lot of their

      What are some of the other main revenue streams for

      This is still looking attractive to me as a 1 year
      LONG, but am waiting for it to pull back into the low
      20's before entering.

      Any thoughts would be


29.26+0.29(+1.00%)May 27 4:00 PMEDT