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  • gofigure7y gofigure7y Oct 6, 2008 5:05 PM Flag

    ACN has zero debt

    barring a world wide depression where there is 20% unemployment, Accenture should benefit from an environment where there are numerous mergers and acquisition...

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    • you can't be serious. They act the same way for investors? I must have missed where operating liabilities now have covenants attached to them.

    • What a moron you are! I never said that every liability is EXACTLY the same. If they were exactly the same, we wouldn't have different words for them.

      What I said is that as far as an investor is concerned, they act the same way. They present the same danger and act equally to limit the flexibility of the company.

    • no, you don't get it....yes, they are both liabilities but they are not the same

      debt is much different than employee payroll liabilities

      every company which has employees has payroll liabilities...however, not every company has debt...that is the point

      if you don't get it now, perhaps you will get it on Thursday morning...check back then, genuius

    • You clearly don't get the point. It isn't what you call it that matters. Debt and liabilities are the same thing. They both mean that you owe somebody something and if you do not pay on time you are in default and can be forced into bankruptcy.

      Whether you have a lot of debt or other liabilities, the situation is the same. It creates danger and reduces your flexibility.

    • >>It is completely evident that he does not understand the difference between debt and a liability<<

      So why don't you explain or someone explain it? All I see is ranting (except that someone posted definitions that were helpful).

    • im_a_believer, he is a lost cause. he clearly doesn't understand the difference between a liability and debt. Debt, of course, is a liability, but all liabilities are not debt. Debt, of course, is when money is borrowed or when assets are secured for borrowed boney. You are right, debt is handled quite definitely during bankruptcy, because assets were secured exchanged for the borrowed money.

      I, of course, said that Accenture has no debt. I did not say that Accenture has no liabilities, which this guy is clearly implying. It is completely evident that he does not understand the difference between debt and a liability. At this point in time, I don't think he ever will!!!

    • i believe that employees way way ahead of equity holders.

    • I won't call you names, but do you understand what happens in bankruptcy? There's a ranking of creditors - secured debt holders are put first with equity holders last. Unpaid employees come much closer to equity holders than to secured debt holders. So the claim, while a liability, is almost irrelevant in a bankruptcy situation. That said, I did not dispute that salaries are a liability. I said that they are essentially immaterial in the question of the overall value of the firm and its position of having effectively no real debt. But you believe what you want to. And congrats on getting ACN shares at such a discount to its intrinsic value.

    • gofigure7 - fo
      you're a financial dumbo.

      liabilities are debt. your words mean crap. let's see that confirmation - you're also a liar.

      liabilities, a. moneys owed; debts or pecuniary obligations (opposed to assets).
      b. Accounting. liabilities as detailed on a balance sheet, esp. in relation to assets and capital.


    • wrong....

      the claim is/was is that "accenture has zero debt"....which they don't...the claim was NOT that they have "no liabilities"...every business, of course, has some sort of liabilities (their electric bill, employee salaries, the water bill).........debt is money that is borrowed.....Accenture borrows no money....it is scary how financially illiterate you are

      FYI I bought a 10,000 shares at 25.00 today

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