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  • nonprofit_c3 nonprofit_c3 Sep 18, 2002 10:16 PM Flag

    it ended about where it began today

    and most of the stocks that i track got trashed. tech sell off causes wakes. wish there were more intelligent investors sometimes.

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    • if you really think that a stock owned mostly by institutions is effected by my resource links, you are a true idiot!!! you are such a laugh!!! why do not you read some history first!!! who is the MORON? i said my family came he in the 1600's !!! i wrote that to your best buddy, LAS VEGAS on the NLY board where you stalked me yet again. when was the Mayflower? you are only showing your enormous stupidity. and what are wrong with research links? that is more than you contribute! got any real good advice yet? i did not say AUTO company, LIAR, i said an AUTOMOTIVE company!!! your reading comprehension skills suck again!! jealous. are you. my family is well known!!! ha, ha. your GREEN is showing!!! also, anyone who has been on this board knows i have been here since ITRI was 14!!! almost two years ago! who do you think you are fooling? you have clearly admitted here that your obsession is completely perverse!

    • Are we talking about the same MORON here? This bagholder says that she has turned everything she pumped into gold. And why not believe her, according to her, she comes from a well known family that beat the Mayflower here. perhaps even discovered America. I didn't know camels could swim until they found some bones in California recently. Then after riding with Teddy Roosevelt, her Grandaddy founded a well known car company. Matchbox? Now for her claim to fame, she authors books using spell check. And she is busy writing about all of us now. (except me). I am on ignore. She has been published twice. What were the titles? Hmmmmm, "how to be a traitor and annoy a messageboard with overbearing rantings" or was it "no profits in stocks" or maybe "I am always right and if you disagree, you are a MORON"
      Don't worry, she will spread more BS about this and post a bunch of free links with rehashed stock info while wondering how to look smart. If she wanted to be smart, she would drop it and keep her opinions to herself, because they do not reflect those of anyone else. The boards are tired of her overbearing drivel. I find no need to post here unless she wishes to continue to monopolize the board further. I will cease to post here if I get at least ten recommends of this post. Who here thinks she should take her political rantings elsewhere?

      Does that get it all?

    • i have been published, twice already. so sorry to disappoint you. i save my grammar and spelling for Spell Check and the final proofing! not for low-lifes like you on Yahoo boards. if you had not noticed, yahoo boards do not provide such conveniences. boy, do you have an over-inflated view of yourself!!! as far as your comments about anyone being interested in this drivel? well, my, my, you and drive seem to not be able to stop yourself from reading every word, now can you? and what i write so captivates you that you cannot stop yourself from following me to all of my stock boards and commenting on every word and wasting everyone's time. and sad to say, there is yet to be seen ONE instance that you posted anything useful for anyone anywhere!!! as for your honesty. well, it seems that you cannot even articulate the event that has caused you to start this baseless vendetta. AND, FYI, I think that institutions own about 95+% of this stock, but since you do not own any stocks, or research sh*t, you would not know. get a life. do something productive and proactive for a change. [laugh]

    • oh, i must have said something right to illicit such a response! easy, drive! you and dilbert are not even invested in ITRI, and dilbert, who is not invested in any of the stocks i am, cannot control himself from following me to all my stock boards. a simple search proves that. he cannot even be honest about his originating conflict with me. mmm. funny how he followed your here, then moved onto my other boards. so you act like there are no such things as stalkers. shows how naive you are. you cannot stop posting here and you are not even invested in ITRI. you contribute absolutely NOTHING to this board but harrassment. BTW, so sorry about DHB. at least with you, drive, i know that source of our original conflict. you would habitually misread everythign i posted on IMCO, then deny you wrote things that were on the record. like when you said you know nothing about the fuel cell sector, and that you were a TA person mostly... then later denied you said that. sure, go ahead, have a buddy like dilbert... but a simple search would have proven what i said was right. he is either KingNapalm who has a dozen profiles, or perhaps the poor SOB last year on HYGS that got bent out of shape or jealous over my mutual friendship with dukex on that board. whatever... they are really twisted, and a simple search reveals that... so go ahead, if you want to identify with them, all the more power to you!!! dilbert is getting about as good as that sick slappy character on PLUG, etc. boards. try as i may to engage him is some real dialog, he is just not capable of anything constructive.

    • If by some chance, you should find yourself finally picking a stock that makes money, and at the same time knowing when to sell it to show a profit. Then you will find yourself with not enough to pay off a publisher to turn your rantings into a novel, but perhaps enough to pay someone to teach you enough english and spelling to write your drivel. Charmin tissues may buy the story if you can keep it to under 240 single ply sheets. As for the owning of stock, just because you own 4 1/2 shares of a stock does not give you the right to monopolize a board with your BS. I think that you should practice what you preach and honor the ignore that you said you were using many a reply back and also stay on the subject of stocks. These people do not care about your Traitorous drivel.

    • are not your mommies giving you enough attention? maybe you were weaned too young? what is there to listen too? so, dilbert, when are you going to start contributing something to the stock boards that you are stalking me on? i am sure there is some sick reason that you need all this negative attention. are you invested in ITRI, NBTY, now? do you have any useful ITRI information, or do you only waste your time stalking and harrassing. harrassing and stalking someone appears to only be a way that you are hiding the fact that you have little intelligence or character, yet i look forward to the day you might reveal some. it is not too late, you can create yet another Profile. well, back on ignore go your and your other few dozen IDs. there are far more interesting as*holes on these boards for me to develop my characters for my novel than you, for sure. your buddy drive is certainly pissed off about the money he has lost in DHB and he just needs a whipping boy. very childish. but that is the usual MO of people with personality disorders. you, for instance, cannot even be honest about your original vendetta against me -- because you are too immature to be accountable. that is why you use so many IDs as well. drive, well, i used to actually quote what he said, and he always denied it even when it was in black and white, then he would accuse me of saying things that i never did... and never had the posts to back it up!!! odd. very. maybe there was more than one drive. you really ought to find a better pastime... or invest in some stocks for a change and risk posting something useful and informative. like, what is your favorite source for stock information.

    • <<<by: nonprofit_c3 (50/F/Cambria, CA)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 09/18/02 10:16 pm
      Msg: 3451 of 3620

      and most of the stocks that i track got trashed. tech sell off causes wakes. wish there were more intelligent investors sometimes. >>>

      We all wish that you were one of them.

      • 2 Replies to dilbert1225
      • you are really ridiculous. you did not even know what that excerpt you used meant, dilbert, etal. Tech stocks. ever hear of the tech boom? many investors are trying to relive it. how many tech stocks are you invested in?

        everything you post is out of context and/or out of date!! can you ever be relevant? are you losing your ass on your short positions today and that jealous of my current picks? how do you think the war with Iraq might effect the market?

        why do not you come out of all the IDs you are hiding in and actually talk REAL basics? because you cannot. if you were so successful as an investor as you have always bragged, then why do you need a whipping boy? why do you hide behind so many IDs?

      • i fear you are the one that sounds like the idiot, mr. multiple stalker ID with several profiles. you are just pissed because your attempt to trash NBTY today failed so miserably. when are you gonna stop creating so many profiles and stalking me anyway? do not you have anything better to do? you claimed that you made a ton of bucks shorting AE, so why do you have this vendetta against me? ans why are you so dishonest about it? however i invest should be of no concern to you if you were so successful with AE. i invest ONLY in low PE high growth stocks with proven earnings currently. you have been bashing me for investing in the energy sector 1.5 years ago during the energy blackouts before the scandals ... do not you think that is showing you have a little bit of a personality disorder? or are you just a generally dishonest person using so many profiles? perhaps you would like to use some serious critical thinking skills and tell us what is wrong with NBTY, ITRI, PSTA, NUTR, NLY... the stocks that i have currently been invested in? you can't. why? because you are living in the very distant past. sorry your bashing on NBTY today backfired so BAD!!! try again. you look like a fool.

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