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  • dilbert1225 dilbert1225 Oct 10, 2002 1:49 PM Flag

    it ended about where it began today

    <<<by: nonprofit_c3 (50/F/Cambria, CA)
    Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 09/18/02 10:16 pm
    Msg: 3451 of 3620

    and most of the stocks that i track got trashed. tech sell off causes wakes. wish there were more intelligent investors sometimes. >>>

    We all wish that you were one of them.

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    • i fear you are the one that sounds like the idiot, mr. multiple stalker ID with several profiles. you are just pissed because your attempt to trash NBTY today failed so miserably. when are you gonna stop creating so many profiles and stalking me anyway? do not you have anything better to do? you claimed that you made a ton of bucks shorting AE, so why do you have this vendetta against me? ans why are you so dishonest about it? however i invest should be of no concern to you if you were so successful with AE. i invest ONLY in low PE high growth stocks with proven earnings currently. you have been bashing me for investing in the energy sector 1.5 years ago during the energy blackouts before the scandals ... do not you think that is showing you have a little bit of a personality disorder? or are you just a generally dishonest person using so many profiles? perhaps you would like to use some serious critical thinking skills and tell us what is wrong with NBTY, ITRI, PSTA, NUTR, NLY... the stocks that i have currently been invested in? you can't. why? because you are living in the very distant past. sorry your bashing on NBTY today backfired so BAD!!! try again. you look like a fool.

    • you are really ridiculous. you did not even know what that excerpt you used meant, dilbert, etal. Tech stocks. ever hear of the tech boom? many investors are trying to relive it. how many tech stocks are you invested in?

      everything you post is out of context and/or out of date!! can you ever be relevant? are you losing your ass on your short positions today and that jealous of my current picks? how do you think the war with Iraq might effect the market?

      why do not you come out of all the IDs you are hiding in and actually talk REAL basics? because you cannot. if you were so successful as an investor as you have always bragged, then why do you need a whipping boy? why do you hide behind so many IDs?

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