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  • dilbert1225 dilbert1225 Oct 10, 2002 5:47 PM Flag

    it ended about where it began today

    No point in talking when the idiot won't listen anyway.

    Think of it on the reverse. You can be overbearing and post as many times as you wish, soundly tongue thrashing anyone that that crosses your twisted mind. BUT....
    Do you think anyone really listens to your psycho-babble anyway. They laugh at you. Too bad you're so blinded by your own bias to be able to look at yourself.

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    • once again, dilbert. what do you have to say to the members of the ITRI board? and just how am I stopping your from contributing anything constructive or informative here? or is it simply that you do not ever have anything constructive or informative to contribute, and that is why you relentlessly bash people that do? how long have you had this emotional problem? how long have you found yourself habitually reliving this unresolved childhood parental stuff? have you sought counselling? when did your wife and children leave you? how many more Yahoo boards will you stalk me until you realise you have a serious mental problem?

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