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  • dilbert1225 dilbert1225 Oct 15, 2002 3:01 PM Flag

    On Topic

    Dilbert�s ownership of any stocks or knowledge of any companies is none of your concern and as far as where the investments are at, you are wrong on three accounts. As a matter of fact, you followed me to one of them. So who is stalking who? The difference is that I am making money on them and not defending a foolish position.

    C3po displays no great knowledge in anything as evidenced by her hateful overbearing posts. I spoke out because I for one am tired of your ranting. You wonder why you are talked about by so many everywhere that you post. Look at how you treat and bash others yourself. Honey, (and I only use that term because you must spread it on yourself to attempt to attract dogs) you are very bush league in your skills and take too much of the free stuff as fact. (For as long as it already fits your opinion). You still can�t assimilate information and understand it unless it is already part of your narrow mind. You view yourself as an elitist academic and drop names of self appointed theologians basing their every word as the truth. At best, you do nothing but plagiarize and hijack their thoughts as your own without an understanding of the thought process; and the balance of those that you elevate were nothing but kooks in their own realm.

    I thought you were going to use the ignore feature. I am still posting here because the votes are only a third of the way there. Why are you still posting? You post because you are addicted to yourself, aren�t you? You must have the hateful last word. You are pathetic and the foul pestilence that you spew is nothing more than your hatred of anyone that disagrees or questions your sanity. There is no need to question the obvious. You do need to seek help. This is far too stressful for you, then keep you mouth shut and listen to others for once. There is no need for you to take up 25% of a board. If you were to think before you type, you wouldn�t have to post three different responses before you are satisfied that you have gotten your message out. An added benefit would be that it might also make sense.

    I know it�s hard to lose money on your stocks and your choices. Here you are no doubt pissed because you are jealous of someone else making a decision that was smarter than yours in the end, so with malice and jealousy, you spew at them and attack their own thoughts as moronic.

    Stick to the stocks and drop the politics, religion, and hatred. This is America unlike the world you wish to create, in it you are not the queen and almighty, just another ant in the pile. Now do as you say and turn on your ignore feature. It is not my fault if it is already full of people that have rebuked your BS.

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    • Dilbert said: Dilbert�s ownership of any stocks or knowledge of any companies is none of your concern and as far as where the investments are at...

      if so, then stop being so obsessed with my investments of which you could not have ESP, and stop stalking and harrassing me. you just proved that you cannot take what you dish out. ever hear of DO UNTO OTHERS. you have made it obvious here that it is some sort of political or religious disagreement you have had with me that has created your obsessive stalking and harrassment. you have ONE MONOTONE message -- and that is only ME!!! get over it. have you ever examined your obsessive need for a whipping boy?

    • Dilbert 225--you sure know how to show your ignorance.

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