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  • longtrmvestor longtrmvestor Jul 3, 2008 4:05 PM Flag

    ITRI should move on ELON soon

    market cap $3 billion
    revenue $1.75 billion
    cash $100 million

    market cap $400 million
    revenue $135 million
    cash $100 million

    cost savings could be $20 million in first year
    important broader product line for the clients from single supplier
    ELON needs to add CEO and strenghen U.S. client list which merger would help with.
    cash offer at 30% premium to current Elon $10 gets the deal done in my humble opinion.

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    • What effect will wireless devises have on peoples brains? Knowbody will know for 20 years. Is this a risk worth taking over and over again when there is a simpler way to do it?

    • Are you freaking serious? You mean to say you simply did not go to itron . com and look before you wrote that? How embarrassing for you.

      Here is a partial list....

      Meter technology (9)
      Meter data collection technology (16)
      Meter data management (2)
      Energy forecasting and load research (10)
      Energy & waster resource management (11)
      Customer care and billing (5)
      Distribution Design and Asset management (10)

      So, have you been elaborated? As far as educating you, if you dont at lease go to the website of a company before you try to discredit it, you are a lost cause.

      BTW, what a company (stock) did in the past (and me buying and selling along the way) is what paid for my house. At least for me with Itron stock. Did the rise in Itron stock pay for your house? I thought not.

      As for the future, I think money can be made with both elon and ITRI. I have made money on both, (actual money, not just paper gains) and plan to continue to do so.

      You people are a waste of time.

    • Sweetdd99,

      "Itron is MUCH more than just a metering company......Itron has dozens of unique products, and I think only a few are actually electical meters."

      Please elaborate, and educate me about all the other things that Itron is doing.

      BTW, for most investors, what a company did in the past is much less important than what you anticipate they'll do in the future.

    • Hey RightofWay, you know very well that Itron is MUCH more than "just a metering company". (Which explains why in about the last 8 years, Itron has INCREASED in value about 16 times!!!)

      BTW, in that same timeframe, Elon stock has LOST about 90% of its value. LOST 90% LOST 90%. How impressive!

      Itron has dozens of unique products, and I think only a few are actually electical meters.

      Shame on you for such crap.

      Sorry your elon stock is not doing so well. And its sooooo obvious its just killing y'all because your posts here are just more proof that you guys will do ANYTHING to try to discredit Itron. Even going so far as coming to this board and posting lies.

      But you are right that elon has more upside...well.. at least in the sense that the elon price could go up about 7 fold and still be not worth as much as ITRI. : - )

    • Broke - I didn't mean to offend you and I intend to be transparent. Clearly I own ELON. I own it because it created the world of smart meters and Europe knows it. Soon Asia will know it also. Plenty of business for both of them. I just think ELON has more upside because it is not just a metering company.

    • elon just announced another new contract today in Europe. I don't think elon needs itri.

    • Not going to happen - Itron has other fish too fry - Echelon is considered by many as 'old' technology with limited upside. this has moved to an RF / RF Mesh technology driven market.
      Echelon would be more of a play for trilliant / Bayer Group (cellnet / hunt)

      • 2 Replies to rob272727
      • I disagree with this assesment. Why is it neccessary for a consumer to increase its costs just to use wireless? When you consider that you will need to add redundancies into a wireless system when appliances are on different floors, for example, the cost of using Zigbe is higher than Lonworks and Lonworks is more reliable (a point which is unquestioned). There is also the addage that wireless isn't necessary if your appliances aren't portable. Finally, what does it do to a person when they spend the entire day walking through radio waves? Maybe nothing but it wouldn't surprise me if that becomes an issue.

        Wireless sounds good and has some advantages for certain installments. As a whole, I believe ITRI has picked the wrong horse. What they should do is buy the guts of their meter from ELON for $15 per and use Lonworks as the communication platform. An offer to buy ELON for $13 a share will get a hearty laugh from ELON's boardroom.

    • Your humble opinion is just that!

      ELON is the future.

      ITRI is the past.

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