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  • gpstracker101 gpstracker101 Sep 23, 2011 2:25 PM Flag

    Nasbaum's problem

    (twincity): "What you talkin bout Willis? Do you know what ROI means?"

    Yes, I do...but I am not sure that you know. ROI (return on investment) is basically the money generated, minus the original investment, divided by the original investment. ROI is not the money saved.

    I read through the information from the links you posted; however I did not find any comments relating to ROI. I found references to the amount of energy savings (28%) but nothing about the actual dollars saved verses the cost of the system. So, given the comment that you posted and the information that you provided as a reference, it appears that you, Willis, do not know what ROI means.

    Since I am not an Echelon employee, but rather an investor who looks for unbiased information, here is an unbiased source of information relating to streetlight automation (source DOE Gateway project reports):

    "The remote monitoring/dimming system performed as anticipated. However, based on the current cost of the technology, it was similarly uneconomical to deploy in this location. For the scenario of retrofitting a 150-W HPS with an LED luminaire, deploying the remote monitoring system with a daily schedule of dimming the luminaire by 25% had a net negative present value and further increased the simple payback of the overall installation by more than 3 years"

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