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  • gpstracker101 gpstracker101 Sep 26, 2011 12:59 PM Flag

    Nasbaum's problem

    lonworkscharlie: you appear to speak before thinking -

    (lonworkscharlie): "You are a dip...ROI is the Gain from the investment minus the cost of the investment; divided by the cost of the investment."

    Let's check to see what I posted -

    (gpstracker): "ROI (return on investment) is basically the money generated, minus the original investment, divided by the original investment. ROI is not the money saved."

    Hmmm, it appears that you simply regurgitated exactly what I posted and then called ME a 'dip'. You then follow by saying, "Thus cost saving is a huge contributor of ROI"...which was not the point at all. The point was that your post gave absolutely no information that allowed one to determine ROI. Your post gave a savings in percent. It gave no dollar numbers for the amount of money saved, nor did it give the dollars invested. As such, it was useless in determining ROI. If you disagree, then simply use the information from your post to calculate the ROI. When you do so, I will apologize and anoint you king of ROI. If you cannot do so, then you verify that you were wrong.

    As to the rest of your post, do you typically use data from five years ago in order to make your point? Note this bit of information from your post, "According to the study, citing a 2006 interview with Master Meter’s Ron Koch, the majority of residential and commercial flow meters in the U.S. are from six manufacturers..."

    Hmmm, 2006 interview...nothing like having current data in order to make a point (or an investment.) Are you aware that Itron purchased Actaris in 2007 and in doing so became the largest meter company in the world. Here is a bit more information from the Q3-2010 Itron investor presentation -

    SMART METERS AND COMMUNICATIONS: Over 85 million shipped in North America ~ 46% market share

    LEADING GLOBAL METER SUPPLIER: #1 in combined market share for electricity, gas and water

    LEADING SOFTWARE SUPPLIER: ~ 35% of Meter Data Management systems around the world, #1 in market share

    So when you state, "800lb Gorilla, I doubt it"...maybe you are right. As the global leader, perhaps Itron is a 900 lb gorilla.

    By the way, I notice you bounce back and forth between the screen names 'twincity' and 'lonworkscharlie', are you having trouble keeping your identities straight?

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