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  • Something is happening this morning! Price went up to 8 3/4 when ~ 10,000 shares were traded then settled down maintaining a 13/16 gain. I didn't see any news. Does anyone knows?

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    • Sounds like you know a bit about the company's
      inner workings. I know nothing.

      I really don't
      know what it will take[besides an earnings surprise]to
      move the stock out of it's daily, morbund trading
      pattern. The short position on the stock has regained its
      ungodly proportions once again after the rejiggling of
      the convertible subordinated notes. I don't
      understand that action[the short position temporary
      change]but I assume it has someting to do with the

      I don't know what to say about the new CEO, that's
      why I was asking. Once again, thanks for your
      comments. skep

    • Their first choice was a Hewlett Packard
      executive who had a family tragedy that stopped his
      assumption of the office.

      I don't know anything about
      our new CEO. I just hope that he isn't a yes-man to

      I try to visit this site once a week or
      so. I keep waiting for the guy who was always
      guaranteeing a stock price of 10 by next week to give his next
      guarantee. Where do we stand in line to collect the

      The weakness in the stock price is caused by a combo
      of many factors. I think the "desert" of small - cap
      stocks, and poor management decisions are the #1 and #2
      of these factors. There is a hint of market change;
      and management hasn't done anything extremely stupid
      or completely self-serving in almost a year

      Therefore -- no guarantees, though -- I'm optimistic.

    • If you are still around, any opinion on the new
      ceo? I am not qualified to make any critical[+ or

      I've been considering buying more on
      weakness but I have to pull in my horns elsewhere. With
      the signs of inflation[actually disinflation in
      commodities(oil)abating], I'm in no rush. skep

    • Roger Ingbretsen. Thanks for the suggestion. Now
      why do you feel he should be considered? I did a
      quick search of Itron's website, using his name and I
      came up with zilch. Same results on looking at last
      years annual report. Help me out. skep My e-mail
      address is

    • Roger Ingbretsen....

    • Unlike growth stocks this baby going to be flat
      until something happens (may be a long time). They are
      leader in meter reading devices for Utilites. Don't
      matter what other products are out their, Utils have
      relationship with Itron (period). Problem is it doesn't make
      sense for Utils to upgrade with goverment deregulation
      cloud over them. One day the cloud will lift and the
      sun will shine in. May be a long time. Thier cleaning
      house effort is just going to keep them black. Need big
      contract's before this stock moves. Itron has potential to
      sell 100M+ contracts to many customers. I'm in heavily
      in this one and down right know but not selling. One
      day the sun will shine.

    • We have been close to 10.00 before. I will just
      be happy if we get to 9.50 tommorrow. Lets just take
      it one day at a time. By the way did anyone see the
      latest news on Itron regarding Convertible Notes and
      what this means in the short term.



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