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  • whyiloveamerica whyiloveamerica Feb 11, 2003 3:02 PM Flag

    getting tricky...

    we are holding these gains nicely, and i'm kind of surprised. although I'm not too sure anymore about where we'll be going into earnings. We may actually be down, surprisingly. THE CC will do wonders, though, but I don't think we'll have a giant run-up. And i think we'll actually have some sellers because there wasn't a giant run-up. I think the run-up itself won't really come until afew days or weeks after the CC--that is unless any analyst upgrades us.

    OR if edsn manages to actually report a profit for this time. That would be perfect and amazing. and would make us all happy.

    the next few days will be quite interesting. We could have some low volume on wednesday and thursday--friday coudl be nutty though.

    however, buying keeps coming in at the ask, which is quite nice. I wouldn't be surpised if there is a slight shakeout and we actually closed down at 1.34 again. I think there are some people who will actually exit before earnings. It'll be interesting to watch for everyone though. e specially since edsn is in a turnaround period. quite nice!

    well, all the best to all of us! this is definitely an investment that will pay off. it's just a matter of patience and timing if you are a trader. i have no idea how to play it though. part of me says sell at 1.41 right now and buy back at 1.31 on Thursday. But there could also be interest to the point where it is 1.51 by Thursday afternoon. Friday will be volatile either way it goes I'm thinking.

    so let the excitement begin! we hit our bottom twice, so we are ready to go up from here!