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  • spanspur spanspur Jan 18, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

    CDTI Posters

    Let not your heart be troubled Wood Frog..........

    Look at the long term chart, multiply the # of shares outstanding by the share price, view the revenues each year, and place a value on 200 plus patents, and of course, a new era of technology with a disruptive profile. Not a technology which is theory, not a technology in the planning stages. not a technolgy hoping to be qualified with an, a technology which saves 37% per unit according to Honda Motors. Business will always go where it costs less to produce.

    Some of the posters are here because they understand that even with the artificial knock down at the hands of Greenberg & Schwartz, the company itself could be sold for more than its naked enterprise value. If CDTI management were to put this company on the market, as is, it would bring $50 to $75 million within 12 months. They just may decide to explore strategic alternatives.......

    Craig Breeze"s personal options have no value whatsoever until they reach $2.86 per share.

    Breeze is a sharp guy, the CFO is prudent and in command, and everyone in the organization is focused on making the completion of the total Honda product line quality/priority job one.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Spanspur---Excuse me if I reserve an opinion re Breese until I see a little more than just an Accord contract. I would have thought that by now---more than 6 months since the Accord announcement that Honda would have added some addition models ---if the savings are that great---why the delay. Again, if the savings are that good why aren't Nisson or Toyota or whoever knocking down our doors to get on board?
      Believe me, no one hopes more than I do that Breese is CDTI's savior. I like other long term shareholders [ diluted more than I care to admit] though have seen many saviors come and go with the same horrible results.
      One thing remains a constant------The Company gives us no information at all----two months now since any PR out of cracker jack IR department.
      If, and I say If, as you say good times are just around the corner, the suitors will be sniffing around hot and heavy to buy up the Company. Let us truly see some more progress though before we spent all that capital gain!!!!

      Sentiment: Hold

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