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  • spanspur spanspur Jan 30, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    Walter O./Wood Frog/Hedge/et. al

    I don't like this new Yahoo format with trying to figure out this reply thread.

    In regard to your question Frog regarding Nikil and Breeze. Yes I do think they are doing a good job.
    Why the #'s aren't out, who knows? Is the revenue going to be weak? Who Knowns, who cares?
    Read my lips Frog.......CDTI is in the first year of this gasoline rollout with Honda. It is going to be large Frog. Now I want you to go out to the garage and burn some sage. Try and create some positive energy and trust Spanspur. I have met with management. Back in August. Yes, it would be wonderful if Oxnard was running 24/7. They do in fact run double shifts. At the time I owned 1% of the company,
    today I own 3% of the company. What I was impressed with is that the people seemed quite genuine.
    Team CDTI is dedicated and looking to further innovate. Nikil knows the value of a dollar and knows how to run a set of books. Nikil made strategic moves to secure working capital, i.e., Lincoln Park, and is factoring the receiveables when necessary at 8% with another company. Typically Spanspur does not seek out companies with this financial profile, but the techological break through is to impressive not to see. Yes, CDTI is a speculation. But let me assure you the company will not have any trouble raising operating capital if necessary. Breeze is a good guy. The scientific team is sharp.
    Jimmy Blanchett is a published author in the physics. I was impressed by everyone on the staff.
    The individual running IR is capable, and she has a nice way about her.

    To Walter O's commentary about the years he has spent in the auto industry. I would say his perspections are right on. Frog, think of this like Simple Technology trying to qualifiy a memory unit for EMC. The mere qualification process in and of itself is grueling, in depth, and the testing is rigorous.
    So as Walter so accurately pointed out, this is just the beginning, and Honda would not be using CDTI if not for this EPA/CARB revolutionary technology which saves 37% per unit in Honda's own words.
    Of course we all know this. But a better description of what CDTI has patented, what is being deployed today, not in the lab, not in theory, a better description is Monumental. If it is what they have described it is probably the biggest break through in catalytic technology since the mid 1970's. It could become the standard for the entire industry. Someday, when the stock is at $20, I will tell you how it works.

    So Walter, you and I have crossed paths before, Where was it?

    Everyone keep the faith. Per Breeze, "the projects that are on the table now".

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Good post.....I like your posts.


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      • It is hard to tell where we may have met each other. As a TS automotive quality auditor, I have been in a lot of manufacturing plants all over North America and Europe. I live in Akron, Ohio and did most of my work for Smithers Quality Assessments.
        Like you, I have a lot of CDTI stock and basically betting the proverbial ranch on it. Like I said before, I am trying to become a direct supplier to Honda with the company I currently work and it is nearly impossible - they don't add many new suppliers and even if and when you finally get an order, it takes over a year to validate and qualify the part before shipping more than a few test parts. Honda, however, is one of the best to work with from a tooling standpoint. They actually pay for most of it up front and always "own" the actuall tooling used in production - not the supplier so the tooling for the Honda converters can't be used to make converters for GM or Ford.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • anyone who refers to themselves in the third person is a little crazy

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