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  • woodfrog8 woodfrog8 Feb 23, 2013 10:21 PM Flag

    Re Estimate of loss of $.16

    Span---You stated loss estimate sounds about right. Do you think that continully losing money attrctes investors? You still stand by the CFO who never seems to answer a question with a straight foward reply. just cannot understand why this Company is losing money with the Honda Contract as lucative as you point out. Where the HELL does the money Go?

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    • Frog, you need to move away from creating negative energy for yourself, your investments, and your view of the world. Item one is that the $1 million from TKK to CDTI will not be there this quarter like last quarter. So the game appears that everyone and their cousin expects some kind of sell off again. If that does indeed occur use that as another opportunity. With only 7.2 million shares outstanding the sellers of CDTI stock would create at most a $5 million loss in the market cap......BFD! And it won't be there long.

      Where does the money go? The company did $63 million in revenues in 2012 I believe. The money goes to running the company. What you seem to fail to understand is that this roll out is just starting. Retooling, qualifying, and deploying does not happen overnight.

      I am sensing new money coming into the issue. New markets, new OEMs and aftermarket opportunities coming our way. Honda alone will bring 5X to 10X increase to current sales (in time).

      CAMP will run up to $15 by the end of April (I am up close to $2 million on the stockl). Been there since $2.16...............but it will continue to increase so buy a few shares on any weakness.

      WG in the oil service sector is another holding (up $425,000 in less than 18 months). I recently purchased more shares between $7.20 and $7.36 (new 52 week highs). There is more risk here, than let's say CAMP, but the technicals are most constructive, and WG is very undervalued in my opinion, in the sweet spot cyclically, and the company will soon be completely debt free.
      WG now selling for about 30% of 1X revenues. But enter at your own risk.

      What do you got Frog? I am looking for undervalued situations...............

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to spanspur
      • SPAn---Excuse my septicism---but CDTI has burst my bubble more times than I care to remember---The last being The LEZ heaven that was to be Euopean Cities that couldn't get enough CDTI products---WRONG.
        I am not alone though---Why do you think Marxe and Greenhouse are getting out---unfulilled promises that there was light at the end of the tunnel.
        I just pray there are no new negative surprises at earnings time. Perelli deal is fine---but like so many other announcements Honda included ---there are no numbers associated with these announcements .
        As to a recommendation----FTEK as been on its heels for some time----Business May be picking up ---USA small ---but contracts coming in from around the globe CHINA ETC decent size. Here again like CDTI---patience.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Wood frog. Thats' an easy one,......they don't make money on the Honda contract. they are way too small... compare if you will CDTi vs BASF and JM with huge economies of scale and low cost manufacturing base, multiple contracts across all of the global automotive OEMs then you get the idea. Now if they could lever the MPC IP to the industry now that would be more likely to turn a profit.

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