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  • spanspur spanspur Feb 26, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    Let The Sellers Sell Their Shares At $1.80 to $2.10........

    Do not buy anymore shares at these levels. Anytime you do, let's say at $2.51, someone comes immediately behind you and offers to sell at $2.48.

    The game is this. Next cc will be nothing special and the big plan is to drop the stock. Let them, then be ready to pick up some much cheaper shares. The valuation of CDTI now is laughable. The coast will be clear when the market cap hits $10 to $12 million........................LOL!

    How sad, #$%$ buyers, and maninpulation of the share price to the downside. Let it go down........

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    • SPAN---"let the sellers Sell Their Shares". The universal question WHO ARE THEY[ sellers]. I keep waiting for the latest insider selling report to see if Marxe and Greenhouse are the mysterious sellers or if there is a significant increase in the short sales figure of CDTI

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      • I am trying to open the 2011 report. I read somewhere the number of shareholders this company has and the number was incredibly small.

        I believe M&G are trying to make money at both ends of the stick, but I also believe LPC wants to keep the price down. They still can't buy in though as the price is TOO low.

        I got the report open. There were 325 shareholders listed in the 2011 report. I believe that is single most damaging number regarding the reason this stock is not shooting up. We need thousands of people bidding for this stock. 325....sad.

        So, again. I do believe M&G and LPC are trying to keep the stock low (but not this low), I believe the lack of interest is the biggest reason for the $18M market cap for a company that does over $60M a year in revenue (and will go up). Also, don't discount the power of the day traders. They don't mind small profits and, in fact, live off of that.

        Where does that lead me back to? PR. They are not getting the word out. We need some people who want to own this company.

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    • For example: Right now someone is wanting to sell 900 @ $2.45. Let's this seller is willing to cut lose of shares that under the best of scenarios they purchased at $2.10 90 day ago. They want a $360 profit, less taxes?

      #$%$ buyers, manipulation, malaise. Do not buy any more shares............let the stock drop to 52 week lows.
      Then buy........LMAO.

      I can sell the company tomorrow for $50 to $75 million.

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