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  • one488 one488 Jul 9, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    So, CDTI catalyst already in Acura TSX?

    The article just mentions the Acura TSX offhand, like old news. That CDTI's technology already in the Acura TSX. Yet it's the first we've ever heard of it.

    The article is confusing. Or is confused. Suggests CDTI's catalysts not in the latest 2013 Honda Accord model, but rather in earlier 2004 and 2008 Accord models only. #$%$?

    Did someone at the company just copy/paste old articles and release it with new info?

    And did management willfully withhold this info of its technology in other Honda models (Acura TSX and the Hybrid Plugin already on the market) so as to bring the stock price way down in order to raise a paltry couple million dollars?


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    • re 2004 and 2008 models. It says that designs last 4-5 years, so I imply (maybe wrongly), that CDTI technology has been in Honda Accord since 2004 to current.

      The Acura TSX is new news

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      • Yeah, a model will last 4-5 years before a redesign. The big deal previously was the new (now current) 'regular' Honda Accord with a CDTI catalyst. And everyone wanted another model and even another auto company to take use of CDTI technology. Then the bad news issue of pricing and chargebacks with Honda on cost of the rare metals which led to poor earnings/loss.

        So, now we have info on other car models. The Acura was offhandly mentioned today, which is strange.
        The plug-in hybrid accord also already at dealerships. No prior news on this is strange.
        The hybrid Accord to begin manufacturing this summer.

        Where was all the prior info and news on this? Why offhanded info stated now?

        I'm kinda #$%$ off.

        Management actually has been trying to drive share price down? To what end?
        For financing? That would be strange. For buyout?

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