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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Aug 28, 2014 8:48 AM Flag

    Balance sheet last quarter

    Current assets: $22,883,000

    Current Liabilities: $17,693,000

    I made a mistake on the Inventory, it's $6.67M. Should have had my reading glasses on.

    Dbtunr make a bigger mistake, A#$%$7M not the $14M number he invented.

    Why did dbtunr leave out prepaids and almost triple the A/P number? Must be a Latin thing?

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    • AP $6.386M + Accrued expenses $5.686M + shareholder note $1.607 + tax due .582M = $14.251 AP as reported by yahoo

      This are all expenses due immediately so they aggregate them to make comparisons across companies easier.

    • I just looked at a competitor of CDTI. Interesting thing on their balance sheet. Looking at DCI, they have $69M of prepaid expenses. Now if CDTI is carrying $1.8M and dbtunr has claimed, it's because of creditors worried about getting paid, then dbtunr should short DCI.

      One thing you will notice, dbtunr will never ever say he was ignorant on something or made a mistake. He will triple the A/P number and go around claiming "going concern', but he cannot document anything. He will paint the tape, in only a direction that makes his agenda , even if it's 100% untrue.

      I will be adding today. I still expect next quarter to have some negatives, but growth in Durafit, should offset most. One day maybe CDTI will have $69M in prepaids? You never know. Of course stupid will think they are BK. You cannot make this stuff up. Well dbtunr can.

    • that is what yahoo is reporting as AP. It aggregates certain columns to make them consistent across all companies. Keep lying fool

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      • You sound like spandex when he get's caught looking like a fool. You two are so alike. Where's the $14M in A/p, point it out in those aggregate columns. You getting spanked again. Daily I take you to the outhouse.

        I posted the real numbers. You cannot show us where it's states "going concern", you cannot produce evidence on A/P being anywhere near $14M.

        Dbtunr call your boss, tell them that you are way over your head on this one. That they need to bring in better bashers. Go back to pumping a sport card company.

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