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  • huffandswoon huffandswoon Apr 26, 2002 11:37 AM Flag

    "Land Warrior"

    Land Warrior

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    • DOHSD asked me , via emale, to cpomment on this new idea.

      I dont know but the consept of disks rotating in opposite directions is not new.

      the russians used it for optical storage before there was light and it worked but only for small quantities

      I heard that this was needed in high lattitudes due to the effects of northern lights (called nocturnal emmissions or Aurora balloralos --
      these affect commiserations but not optics. Certain longitutes are more susciptbul than othirs.

      For example. the prime meridian, about zero centigrade is not effectided at all, that is why the druids built thestone hinge there.

      more if you need it

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      • bent_folded_spindled_mutilated bent_folded_spindled_mutilated May 27, 2002 2:35 PM Flag

        That was a classic. Hats off to you.[wiping tear from eye]

      • I didn't git that many votes for school distristrict in Valentine. My number in in the book if any of you want to commint on the jale "thingiy ' as hsd calls it.
        It is about the size of the portable spignomanomanometer that doctors use and weigs mebe 8 ounces (less if in metric) and costs about the same as a watch in timex, Certainly a lot less than a Rollix. (If you want to lern more about the spignomanometerm thier was a nice frontpaig artecle on ehe wall st journal about it a few years back. I'll look it up if you like. The reason this this may be of interes to TSI is that there may be a method of powering there prison prisim,--the output from a heart has red blood called oracle and has hi oxygen potententione about 600 milivolts greater than than the exaust or ventral, minus 400 volts. by putting an anus electrode there, you couldeliminate bate bateries and the convict wouldnever tamperate with it.

        the whole thing is explained on which shows the same old insiders working the pumphandle.

        patent search shows only about 150 similer devices.

    • TSI is no longer under consideration for the Land Warrior project.

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