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  • huffandswoon huffandswoon Jan 23, 2003 8:02 AM Flag

    Delisting soon ?

    Try re-reading your own original message.
    You're an alarmist. You knew they had the extra 90 days but chose not to mention it.
    Why? They clearly do not have to come out with some spectacular announcement in the next few weeks.

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    • You try re-reading my message - I stated in the message that they have an appeal and I asked the question -- on what grounds ? Big friggin deal they have 90 days -- which goes back to my original post -- hello reverse split. You really think an additional 90 days is enough time for the stock to break a buck? No, but its enough time to enact a reverse split. If a 90 day appeal is the best you got with respect to "things are not as dire as you make them out to be" it sure looks like they are as dire as the S-3 makes them out to be. Once again, my bet is on a reverse split, then more dilution from the issuance of more shares to raise capital. Its the Alanco way.

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