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  • huffandswoon huffandswoon Dec 31, 2003 9:53 AM Flag on RFID

    Another RFID application listed on Yahoo! today: Tracking cattle herds.

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    • Your absolutely right ! More and more applications for RFID -- too bad ALAN doesnt have a product to reach this market. I noticed Jubak didnt mention ALAN in his article. When are lemmings going to realize that ALAN is a one trick pony when it comes to RFID - prisons - and they aint exactly cleaning up in that sector either.

    • didn't I talk to you before?

      I can't imagine anyone out here using real name?

      As to tracking, there have been radio tracking ov various animal herds for over 50 years
      caribou in alaska,
      bears in montana
      (we even saw a bear, xanatou, in WV who was tracked by satelite, but that was newer.

      even. Tiny mostly male bats at villa grove and hundreds more.

      Russians do it, also s. americans in the rain forest and on the pampas

      the firm in broomfield not only contributed to the PR business before they went private, they
      contributed a ALAN VP, if memory serves serves???

      good day to buy.

      Lots of shares available at below the knockdow or "plunk" so the trader bids it up
      to make the yearend look good

      good day to trade,.

      check your level II

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