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  • happy_camper80537 happy_camper80537 Jun 5, 2004 1:33 AM Flag

    thank you for sharing MO contract

    You have illustrated very nicely why TSI
    won'y be getting the contract -- they can nit
    qualify and can not perform See 3.3.2 which is straight out of the Prism data sheet - 20"

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    • mankind created the imperfect world.

    • I will agree with this point. Pumpers who spread DISINFORMATION (which is the same thing as a lie) are as bad as bashers who do the same. But that wasn't the context of our discussion. Calling the CEO a crook is a far cry from saying "one more contract and...". The difference being, to believe the latter, you would have to believe that that person can tell the future.

    • That puts it all into perspective. Thanks!

    • Great answer! Strait to the point.

    • Coast first -- who's spreading disinformation for personal gain ? No one here is -- since you cant short this stock -- look at the shares short it's less than 50,000 ... and pumpers are every bit as bad or worse. How many HUNDREDS of posts have been posted here saying that is we get ONE contract announcment that this stock will fly? Hundreds ... and its been stated as a fact to encourage people to buy the stock so the price will go up for what ? personal gain.

    • hit a nerve?

    • That's not what I said. A pumper who makes a statment that everyone KNOWS is wishful or hopeful thinking, can't be compared to someone who spreads disinformation for personal gain.

    • I cannot play golf,nor smell the greens when they are just cut in evenings. Nor ski down the slopes. But I would not trade my life for yours. I'm so rich in memories.
      I had a ceb. hemm. which left my right side paral. 20 yrs. ago.
      I have done all those things and now I live in my kids and my grandkids. I am the richest man
      in the world.

    • Good question! God, does not fight evil, He judges (punishes) it.(Those weren't my words). With respect to evil, God only has two choices, according to scripture. Destroy it now, or destory it later. From the time evil first came into the world (and actually even before that), to the present, God has chosen to postpone the destruction of evil. (I for one am thankful He did!) How then did evil come into the world? God created the human race "in His own image". Part of that "reflection" is a FREE WILL. Consider this. Would you want a robot for a wife or a husband? A robot might be nice, but for a soulmate you would want someone who REALLY loves you. Someone who CHOOSES to stay with you because they want to, not because they have to. You cannot have a free will without choice. When given that choice, mankind failed. We are still failing today. "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23) God did not "create" evil, any more than I am "creating" disobediance when I tell my son not to play in the street, and he does it any way. There is one more choice that God had to make. Destroy the human race, or redeem it. That's where Jesus comes in. Jesus Christ is the judge who, by obeying the law, and condemning the accused to death, removes the robe and says " I'll pay that debt for you", you can go free. The consequences of not availing onesself of this offer is eternal punishment ALONG WITH evil.
      Some would say, " I don't believe in Hell". AH, but you do believe in prison?

    • Sy and I were identical twins, Siamese twins, separated at birth.

      I am told as young kids, we used to eat peanuts together. I would swallow the kernal and he would spit out the shells.

      Excewpt for that horrible accident on skiing tripple black diamond at El Dora, (We each wore only one ski), well, he veered left and I swerved left.

      Sort of like a hook or slice. i play golf a lot you know, no longer try to shoot my age, just shoot my weight.

      As to ALAN what is the value of the OH trial? I get it second hand that Ira is telling brokers it is small, $200 to 300 kilobucks. And they are upgrading from 25 cycles to 60 Hertz for their electric source.

      Can't they implant electrodes in inmate, one a cathode in cartoid artery and another an anode in the anodus, and make the convict generate his own juice.

      Like they did in georgia when the lights went out -- they had the convict to be execute peddal a bicycle to generate the electricity to execute himself.

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