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  • alteonwins alteonwins Mar 13, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    Roth talk on the 18th

    Unless raouf announces an upside to the revenue prior to the meeting, it is going to be the same old thing: we are great, winning a lot of designs, can't hold my water from excitement, we are selling into a 1.5 billion TAM, of which 1 billion is just the wireless stuff, where we have 60+ percentage share, our customers are ever #$%$ Tom and Harry equipment maker, etc, etc. Yawn! What is the point of another presentation that is a repeat of the last 5?

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    • i am a holder of this garbage and come to learn that all that this is all non-sense and is misleading to prospects as they'd fall into this trap easily. i think if we're lucky someone will buy this pos for somewhere around 5 o $6

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      • You've "come to learn that all that this is is all non-sense"? Is that why Goldman Sachs picked up 4.6MM shares and now owns 10 percent of the company? We all know that MSPD is shorted by convertible bondholders and here we see an example of them walking the stock down on low volume.

        "TI and Mindspeed seem to be the only vendors with silicon that concurrently supports 3G and LTE, although these are at demo/lab stage. Broadcom can support either 3G or LTE on the same chip, software upgradeable, but just announced they plan to combine baseband and RF on the same chip which would be a unique feauture. Cavium are actively deployed for LTE in Korea and demonstrated HD live video streaming to 8 devices on their stand. Freescale are ip.access choice for 4G, which is shipping to customers for lab trials. Qualcomm (surprisingly) don't appear to have further public design wins for 3G or LTE small cells yet."

        (China Mobile) Higher Network Capacity Achieved by Small Cells - While it was traditionally too difficult or too costly to deploy a macro cell base station in busy indoor and outdoor locations, Alcatel Lucent's lightRadio Metro Radio (powered by MindSpeed) now provides a cost-effective alternative. This will alleviate the capacity problem for cellular networks as more subscribers use mobile devices to access high-bandwidth services. Small cells will enable China Mobile to provide high-quality, consistent services to customers without the need to build costly and logistically challenging cell towers.