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    [Column] Small Cell chip analysis and software development

    Author MIC] Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    In the global LTE market with smart handheld devices industries continue to spread, the 2013 MWC number of exhibitors reached 70,000 passengers, 67,000 passengers in 2012 compared with growth of about 5%, of which there are 4,300 exhibitors audience which belong to CEOs of rank, of the total 6% of the number of exhibitors in the global ICT industry and the mobile network industry related degree continues to increase, the corporate executives took the opportunity in the exhibition market trends, potential future product development and business cooperation opportunities.

    Including Samsung, HTC and other first-tier smartphone brand owners have their own post new machine activities, but also to the current MWC 4G mobile broadband networks in the development of end to get more attention, including Small Cell industry trends and Taiwan manufacturers have higher Netcom the relevance, exhibition related news worthy of further understanding.

    Small Cell chip industry analysis

    Like Netcom Systems and terminal industry to actively develop small base stations at the same time, each chip maker also released through the current MWC latest Small Cell layout conditions, including new platforms, short and medium term product development direction, and marketing strategies to reveal the surface important cooperation partner, or case, and from the Small Cell chip makers in the MWC information shows that every family business in the product maturity and support capabilities, the main target products, focusing on development projects and other surface structures are different.

    In the product maturity and support capabilities, Mindspeed acquisition of Picochip become smaller due to the base station chip leader industry, 2012 to obtain 50% to 60% market share, currently in the LTE Small Cell also has 34 projects are in the design stage, commercialization capabilities and product maturity good. And Mindspeed also used in high-end processors, can support the development of Small Cell Product Use field more different needs, including homes, businesses, the network will be extended.Another Mindspeed also advanced 28-nanometer process through a multi-mode mobile Internet, multi-user support capabilities (T3400 supports 64 and 200 HSPA + LTE subscribers, with 2x2 MIMO and 40MHz bandwidth, T4400 supports 128 and 400 HSPA + LTE subscribers , with 4x4 MIMO and 80MHz bandwidth), an increase in the competitiveness of the new platform technologies.

    In addition Mindspeed addition, through mergers and acquisitions to speed up the market into Small Cell chip makers Broadcom and Qualcomm have two communications chip makers, respectively, in 2010 and in 2012 bought Percello and DesignART. Broadcom and Qualcomm in mobile broadband and Wi-Fi wireless arena are one of leading industry, Small Cell platforms have the ability to integrate heterogeneous networks are two industry emphasis. The MWC Broadcom is also emphasized in a small base station product integrity, as well as through software upgrades allow Small Cell SoC supports both 3G/LTE network; Qualcomm is the flagship SON signal interference on the base station processing capacity optimization.

    Furthermore Cavium, Freescale, TI also attached to the DSP or high-end processors and platform development experience advantage, with a more Small Cell software industry alliance, at the venue showcase Small Cell platforms, Freescale and TI has included Alcatel-Lucent or Ubiquisys and other small base station leading industry cooperation.Products from the main goal, the current in the MWC Broadcom, Qualcomm's Small Cell platform for home users market, inking more, expect to extend the fixed-line or mobile Broadband high market share advantage; Cavium, TI and Freescale is biased use of efficient processor with multiple satellites DSP, support more mobile handheld devices will meet the needs of the enterprise market; in product development focus on the various operators in the chip hardware integration, support for multi-mode capability, software development tools, Wi-Fi and rear network support capability for performance comparison made ​​on or product differentiation, providing Small Cell's ODM industry is more diversity of choice.

    Table a chip supplier in the 2013 MWC exhibition announced Small Cell finishing product information

    Chip industry

    MWCWrite a Product Content




    Introduced by software upgrades to support 3G or LTE for SoC

    Launch integrated RF transceiver and baseband modem micro base station products that can reduce power consumption

    Launch support multiple wireless transmission standard (3G/LTE / Wi-Fi) chips for small base stations

    Cooperation with Radisys will be BCM617xx Series platform integration launch the software industry household, enterprise and metropolitan area with a small base station using the program

    October 2010 acquisition of Israeli micro base station chip supplier Percello

    September 2011 announced the acquisition of the processor industry NetLogic

    October 2012 Broadcom 3G Small cell chip BCM61670 obtained using Huawei


    OCTEON Fusion

    The OCTEON Fusion show MIPS based processor for Micro, Pico, enterprise platform with Femtocell

    Importing AirHop's eSON platform to LTE "Base Station-on-a-Chip" mini base station platform

    October 2011 launch Octeon Fusion 3G/LTE Picocell platform with Microcell

    August 2012 Korea Telecom obtained a small base stations to adopt



    Published third-generation 28-nanometer Transcede small base station base band processor, which T4400 for Metrocell, T3400 metropolitan area and for small-scale enterprise environments

    January 2012 acquisition of micro base station chip supplier Picochip


    Unpublished new chip platform

    UltraSON software obtained import Alpha 3G/Wi-Fi small base station in the product

    August 2012 acquisition of Small cell chip supplier DesignART


    QorIQ Qonverge

    With AirHop cooperation, integration of the industry to the QorIQ Qonverge SON small base station chip

    Using Maxim's RF transceiver, power amplifier and the network management card, with the base station SoC chip BSC9132, outdoor type of Picocell platform launched

    February 2011 collaboration with Aricent multimode wireless base station

    February 2012 ip.access get into the development of small base station products


    KeyStone SoC (With new software development tools)

    Launched "SoftwarePac" small base station development tools

    TI's KeyStone Small Cell platform supports both 3G/LTE, get ZTE adopted

    TI Sub10 cooperation with small rear base station network solutions

    June 2012 with AirHop cooperation, integration into the KeyStone platform SON

    Source: Company, the MIC finishing, March 2013