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  • flyintheointment1 flyintheointment1 Nov 6, 2013 8:43 PM Flag

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    In my humble opinion M/ACON does not have the financing. Why? In the filing they say that part of the Mindspeed debt will transfer over, that can only mean the bond holders (Mindspeed's loan sharks), wanted to cash for their convert $43M@3.80/Shr, that is roughly $57million cash that MAACOM does not have. So the only way they could close the deal was to have them agree to keep the debt at $43 million with a sweeter deal and for that comes the sale of the wireless as bonus so they can cross the threshold with debt intact and with new debt covenants. The wireless unit basically belongs to the Mindspeed loan sharks now, but they probably put caveats in the deal that the wireless has to sell above a certain level before they agree to the new covenants, after all these guys are sharks. Now if the deal closes and the wireless does not sell to keep the loan sharks happy they could immediately call their loan and drive MAACOM into bankrupcy and I can not imagine Maacom people are that stupid to take on a toxic debt without making sure they can meet the new debt covenants and I must emphasize that can only come with a decent price for the Mindspeed’s wireless unit prior to close. This deal will not close until the wireless unit is sold at a decent price but everyone bidding knows that it is distressed asset now becasue it has to sell or doom, so it is highly unlikely Halim can get a decent price for it to close the deal before the day of the cash transaction. Now the interesting part, in the filing there is a penalty for Mindspeed for the breakup, that is very unusual, if anything the penalty should go the other way. That can only mean that Halim (yours truly) convinced the Maacom guys that trust me I can make it work if not I will pay $9.5million and that is how he closed the deal. The Mindspeed insiders know all of this and this impending disaster and it is likely is why they forbid the insiders from selling during this period or else it will hit the fan.

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