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  • John9o9 John9o9 Feb 27, 2005 8:30 AM Flag

    Any subscribers to Navellier here?

    Does anyone here actually subscribe to his service and if so, what kind of results have you gotten with real money??? TIA

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    • Subscribe to Blue Chip. Here are my gains per end of today. The guys been good for me.

      These are all holds of 12 months are less.
      AMX +46%, ALC +55%, EBAY +64%, OXY + 102%, TXU +87%, HSY + 33%

      Only two losing sells (one was SYMC, which did the unfortunate merger) and two flats. Plus two in the minus column that I'm holding in the past 12 months. (no loss over 20%).

      I'm also long the WILCF and RMI as of today. So far so good, I'm plus on both.

    • Navellier has a number of services. I tried his 'Blue Chip' promo for two months just to see - then I got rid of it..they'll give you a free trial or give your money back up to a time limit. Actually, he was rated by Hubert as one of the best. Here is an example of his "Moderately Aggressive Porfolio" which I've tracked for you from 10/19/04 to present:
      ACL +15.86%
      AMX +53.15%
      BR +27.98%
      CEO +20.74%
      CFC -6.77%
      CNQ +64.73%
      GP +1.16%
      NXTL +23.51%
      TXU +69.23%
      In the 'Blue Chip' sector, he also had a conservative grouping and very aggressive sector. IF I remember correctly, they had fairly similar results; with the aggressive group his worst performers. He'll advise weekly on buys/sells and market trends. I don't think any of these guys are wizards, but he's been rated one of the best. Gotta do your own homework on these, tho. Some of these listed above he might still have or possibly sold since I tracked them starting 10/19/04.
      Hope this helps - good luck with your investments.

    • I did for a while. Lost more money than ever. Stocks he suggested would continually go down, yet in his weekly report he'd talk about how well they were doing. I'm not sure he ever looked at the data.