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  • raismili raismili Nov 30, 2005 10:26 PM Flag

    What should i do?

    im a client of that fool navalier.Earlier this year i bought 2k of wilcf at 7.79 louie told me to buy it and now he told me to sell it what should i do? buy or sell? anybody?

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    • I think anything above $6.50 was purely hype, so just getting there in the near term will be a reach. Getting to $7.79 will be even harder.

      With 2000 shares, that is a nasty hit, but one thing to consider- your maximum allowed net loss is $3000/yr, so it doesn't make sense to sell the entire position, unless you have gains with other stocks to offset the loss. At least with this holding, you are looking at loss minimization for the next year or two. I would monitor the stock over the next few weeks to see how it holds up, then sell a portion to get the stock losses for the year.

    • The good news: Louie said to sell @ $3.00 and we're already up a buck since then. Small consolation.

      Probably gonna be a couple of years b4 you break even, unfortunately . . . but if you have patience from here . . . you'll do quite well long term.

      My opinion, of course, but the stock is a real value at $4.00. Arguably even a good income play now. However, at the $8.00 level your were a victim of Louie's freebie hype. He sent out a MASS emailing recommending the thing to potential clients. Pretty irritating to you I'm sure that this happened. But this is what drove the price from $5.00 to over $10.00 in two days.

      Good luck, friend. Hang in there.