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G. Willi-Food Intl. Ltd. (WILCF) Message Board

  • nebraskarules2002 nebraskarules2002 Dec 20, 2005 8:14 AM Flag

    Money Flow

    Very strong money flow into this stock yesterday. Please remember that this stock is very volatile and will have massive swings in either directions. Do not panic when the stock drops big, because in most cases it will be just a head fake. We are at rock bottom and I strongly believe with over 25 years in this business that we will be moving up over 5 within a 6 month period. Look for a drop of .12 on Ex Div Date. Hopefully we can get enough buys on this date to cancel out the X Div drop of .12.

    I will be accumulating a small block in the next few weeks.

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    • Thanks for clearing up that you�re not REALLY David Faber. Tell you what, though � sure as hell had me fooled. Read the post � thought to my self � with this kind of wit and wisdom, it really must be old Dave. The sagacity of the post was � well � almost beyond description. Anyhow, appreciate you pointing out that you�re not just some punk. Suggestion though: Next time you use David Faber, Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow (or any other CNBC star) as a screen moniker, better, just to be sure, clear up in advance that you�re not REALLY that person.

    • i am not faber punk by the way this junk wilcf will never pass 3.50 in a life time so stop pumping it will not move it.

    • You are hilarious. . . . PAL. At least you make me laugh. I Like your new Alias by the way. Goes well with Jcramer2, Lawrencekudlow, and now Davidfaber1. Clever you are.

      And since you asked, ZGOLD, I'm long at a little under $2.50. Forgive me for asking, but didn't you say you were long at $8.00? My NEW advice to you. Stay long - by the end of 2007, you'll be up at least 20% on your investment.

      No go short whatever solar power stock you want.

    • -->>wilcf has alot more to fall i will cover at 50 cents very soon eslr is a great short i might short it tomorrow why eslr? <<--
      I wish it would fall that low. I would love to buy into this stock that cheap. But, I think its hit bottom and will probably float around here for awhile. I have a limit order in hoping to catch a lower level of this float than what it's trading at now. The longer you wait to cover your short, the more chance you're going to get burned by an upturn. An anouncement of another acquisition attempt could kill you. Take a loss if you need to, but move on to a stock with more volitility and volume to it.
      Evergreens been bouncing around by as much as 5-10% a day and this seems to be making the shorts happy. I'm sure there are better choices to day trade short though.

    • listen pal im new here but all i can tell you is that this stock is the worst in my 22 years investing i never saw a stock with no volume or no buyers or a downtrend so bad like this wilcf crap.By the way how much did you buy this? 8 or 10?

    • You are a boring, lying anti-Semitic. One day you�re long � the next day short. All rubbish. Nobody believes or cares. Is this all there is to your existence? Saying one stupid thing after another? Never a fact � just like a little kid who can�t argue in any other way. Hours on end. All your aliases fool nobody. It�s incredibly obvious that it�s the same poster. What I really can�t figure is your motivation. I really shouldn�t even bother, but I�m gonna give you advice anyway:

      People just laugh at you now. Do you think a serious investor is swayed by your never-ending POS argument? You�re doing it to yourself, sport. Suggest you get some meaning to your life other than sitting at your computer all day long doing whatever it is you do. All else aside, and I say this with genuine concern: The path to happiness and fulfillment does not come from whatever vengeance you may have inside you. If you got burned by the stock, let it go. Stocks go up. Stocks go down. GET A LIFE.

    • you can buy my shares at 50 cents in feb.