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  • swank818 swank818 Sep 4, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

    Value trap pumped by SA and interested parties IMHO

    Isn't First Alliance the same company that estimated HRN value at $19 last year (now $4 and change!). By the same calcs, PCO might be trading it $1.25 if they think it is worth $5. There are many "value traps" and buying into a management team that failed miserably for over a decade at its last pursuit (thus creating those huge NOLs) and then expecting the utilization of $120mm (worth about $40-$45mm in actual cash value) starting next year is pie in the sky. Also, noticed their IP guy sells stock like running water...OH it is one of those Pre-determined plans (just started May 8 to cash in on the pump to $2.60?) so must be OK. Gee, if I owned stock I thought would be worth $5.50 in a year I wouldn't be selling under any circumstances. In fact, I would mortgage the house, yacht and the wife for that one. ALL OF THE ABOVE IS MY OPINION after having watched all of the tout articles on SA with people pushing their own book on really naive investors.

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