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  • noah12302743 noah12302743 May 11, 2003 5:15 PM Flag

    # of stations SIRI,# of stations XMSR

    How many radio stations does XM have and how many does SIRI have???

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    • 60 music channels with no commercials

      12 News (includes NPR News and NPR Talk and PRI)

      4 Weather Channels

      8 Sports Channels (5 of which are for live sports such as NBA, MLB and Racing)

      19 Entertainment Channels (4 of which broadcast live sports when needed, 2 of which are in Spanish)

      1 Preview Channel

      That's 104 channels when Sirius is lit up with NBA games, Major League Baseball, and racing.

      XM has no NBA.

      XM has no MLB. Although Sirius has broadcast a game of the week in baseball since the season opened, I believe Sirius will soon announce a MLB lineup since MLB has a studio inside of Sirius HQ. (Another reason to buy more Sirius soon.)

      XM has no Speedvision channel devoted to sailing, CART, F1 Indy racing, Power Boat Racing, and boat shows like Sirius. All XM has is NASCAR which can be heard on hundreds of AM and FM stations all over the country.

      XM has only one weather channel. Sirius has four, one national like XM's, but three dedicated to specific areas of the country so you don't have to wait forever to hear traffic conditions in the area you are traveling through.

      XM has no NPR. Sirius has two. Laugh at the weak kneed "liberals" but it is obvious NPR supports the arts more than the fatties from Clear Channel and elsewhere who prefer advertising over music.

      XM has no PRI. The PRI on Sirius has outstanding interviews with musicians, writers, artists, businessmen with ethics, judges, civil rights activists, environmentalists, and the like.

      XM has no OutQ. The demographics for gay males and females is incredibly rich with sports stars, business people, military men, artists, writers, playwrites, and the like. OutQ is excellent programming and is not what bashers here are painting it to be. There are raveups where very effeminate sounding men or drag queens tell hilarious stories, but then there are very good shows where gay men and women argue pro and anti-war stances, religion, marital rights and the like. I've heard more serious intellectual talk about how this administration is leading us into an Orwellian world where right after right is swept away in the name of Homeland Defense. Anyone who thinks OutQ is a waste is not listening.

      XM has no A and E.

      XM has no World Radio Network.

      XM has no WSM Nashville

      XM has no alternative talk shows like Sirius Left.

      XM has no Hispanic talk shows.

      XM has no Hispanic sports.

      XM has no BBC in Spanish.

      XM has much mush music programming directly from Clear Channel, Viacom, Salem, Radio One, Premier Radio, and other storebought slop. You know the short playlists we decried in the Sirius Manifesto? XM has them on many music channels. Its sickening.

      XM has 34 channels of so called music programming with no commercials, stupid DJs, computer DJs, programs which are repeated three or four times per week, and incessant XM promos.

      XM has 37 channels of so called music programming WITH commercials, stupid DJs, computerized voices, programs which are repeated three or four times per week, and incessant XM promos.

      XM = great stock, lousy service.

      Sirius = great service and programming, lousy management and marketing, and whimpy stock price which will one day surpass XMSR once people are told how much better Sirius sounds and excels in programming.

      I own both stocks, I sold a good hunk of xmsr not long ago to buy more SIRI and should have waited. But, I am still way up on both investments and sold more XMSR last Friday and am waiting to buy more Sirius on the next dip.

      Anybody who owns an XM radio and tries a Sirius radio will never want to go back to XM again.

      The NBA playoffs have made my nightime commutes the most pleasant driving I've ever had. I take the long way home. Thank you Sirius for getting satellite radio right.

      Discriminating music lovers and news and sports junkies are going

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      # of stations SIRI,# of stations XMSR
      by: noah12302743 05/11/03 05:15 pm Msg: 220098

      How many radio stations does XM have and how many does SIRI have???
      buysiri 05/11/03 05:18 pm Msg: 220101

      XM Has 101
      SIRI Has 100

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 220098 by noah12302743
      ricketzz 05/11/03 05:53 pm Msg: 220123

      Sirius actually has as many as 104 going sometimes.

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 220101 by buysiri

      GMS comment: Um,...yeah,...

      ricketzz 05/04/03 12:54 pm Msg: 208492 < The only thing more disgusting than a basher is an ill-informed cheerleader.

      Gee,...and all this time,...I was under the depression they each had one radio station,...SIRI in NY and XMSR in DC.

      Fuggamee,...,... many channels they got each?

      Can you repeater da question please?

      GOD BLESS (tha question)

    • XM Has 101
      SIRI Has 100

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