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  • salmoncreek7 salmoncreek7 Jul 16, 2003 1:14 PM Flag

    A Message of Hope...

    Here is my one post for the day y'all. In the last past few day's, I have been severely frustrated with these sub-$2.00 blues. I have contacted Invest. Relations, posted links to GM's site of XM, showing their huge offering of our rival, lambasted our CEO for "not executing the business plan", ridiculed our limited offering of poducts---and the like. Especially since that Blackstone deal....but as I have come to except where we are today, holding around $1.80, with fluctuations on either side, I have come to see that this is a longer-term proposition. I wanted to see Siri catapult, as it was doing before the Blackstone offering, all the way to nearly $2.40, and then we got "hit",...and its been a long, even depressing road ever since, calling-into question many of Sirius' "moves", and their lack thereof....but as time goes on, as I read more "informed and optomistic post", and as I realize the "long term-ness" of Siri, then I'm a bit personally reassured that this dog will fly again.
    I think it is short sighted to speak of "imminent" bancruptcy, and "ineptitude", when what may be happening here is "extreme growing pains" from laying a solid foundation....and that Blackstone deal, as painful as it was, the benefits are the "fully fundedness" until cash flow break even in 2005. If this assessment is correct, then the worst is behind us.
    Now if we can show some positive sub. numbers at our next conference call, and with more products to come out yet, (hope they have a "bad ass" boombox, for that'll be my second sub.), and with the advertising that has kicked-in, more exposure, and this is the BIG KICKER, if management is "up, and up with us here", then the "super-painful-dillution-business" is over; and that means that the worst in low share price is over....and yet we could still see some more steep pullbacks, but if all is well in Siri-land, the days of $2.00 could well be a thing of the past, even with the pullbacks, and seasonal lows....
    During the worst of times with a company, one tends to ride the wave to the saying BK is just around the corner, and Clayton is inept, and getting products on the shelf is like stocking stores in Russia...but I honetly believe these are exaggerations.....
    IMO, the best lies ahead, these are growing pains, and this is a very exiting industry. Plus, since my time in following this market, I am astounded, day by day, at just how many more satellite radio units I'm seeing atop all the vehicles around town here. It's amazing and encouraging, even if many are XM, b/c as this becomes more and more mainstream (we havn't nearly reached "critical mass" here), it's only going to get better and better.
    One last note, don't forget that Siri has acknowledged that they are about a year behind XM. And this has consequences, as we have seen. But things really can only get better. This is a huge industry folks, and you can guarantee that Sirius is going to be a "major player", after all, there are only two here now! Think long-term, observe all the sat. radio antennaes around your home town----and then you can rest more assuredly even through these sub.$2.00 Blues!
    Post Script: super encouraging to hear about BMW starting to push Siri, with brochures and Factory installs. That's big, big news, b/c BMW is super-quality, and I doubt they are going to push or install junk. Hang in there, the best is yet to come!

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