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  • machtabow machtabow Oct 14, 2003 10:59 AM Flag

    READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe the company is poised to make a PR that will give their shares the most bang for the buck... an explosive burst past resistance of .0065 will send the CYTP price to .01 and beyond... If it's big news... you could see .02 same day....

    Cybertel Communications is a HOT STOCK PICK! CYTP chart formed a strong uphook today! Volume continues to be extremely high making CYTP one of the most active otcbb stocks� closing at it�s high for the day and primed to break .006 and surge at the open! What�s the potential here! IDNW� with a similar float and industry exploded from .002 to .05 in less than a month! 2500% Gain!!!!!!!

    If you know how to read technicals� you can see them here� and find that this is simply the hottest stock on the bulletin boards. All leading indicators including Momentum, RSI, MACD, Money Flow indicate this is extremely bullish and only the beginning!


    If you�re looking for a basis of comparison on other oversold BB stocks including IDNW for a basis of comparison as to what to expect for a return on investment look at these charts� this is only the beginning! Here�s you chance to get in early!


    From American Bulls Regarding CYTP! You may make hefty profits if you buy this stock now and hold it until the next sell signal. Long-term trend is also bullish.
    As per the April 15, 2003 Edition of the ILEC ADVISIOR(Financial Transactions and Developments within the Independent Communications Provider Industry) Volume 8, Issue 7, states as follows: �Vista, Calif-based Cybertel Communications stated that its Board of Directors has approved a plan allowing the company to purchase up to $3 million in customer bases from other telecommunications companies. The telecommunications service provider also announced that it has already secured financing for the approved purchases.

    Notice huge accumulation from June to September ! During this time MACD continued to climb and crossed zero barrier� about 14 days ago. On September 23� with no news at all this stock climbed 178% on huge volume. Since then� we have seen the price go up on high volume and down on low volume.

    All leading indicators including Momentum, RSI, MACD, Money Flow indicate this is extremely bullish.

    The stock movement is an indication of something big about to happen within the company. WiFi? Acquisiton? I believe it directly relates to the PR released April 15th. CYTP should easily break .01 with the next PR!

    Don�t miss the boat here!

    ABOUT CYBERTEL Cybertel is a fully integrated telecommunications service provider that supplies a wide range of telecommunications services. The Company can offer highly competitive rates to its residential customers on long-distance, personal 1-800 numbers, and calling cards. For businesses, Cybertel offers a wide variety of value-added services. Cybertel worldwide web address is

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