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  • pay_for_what pay_for_what Jan 15, 2004 2:52 PM Flag

    SIRI can't hang with XM at $10/month

    Oh dear, subs could be disappointing next qtr.

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    • No, JN recently said, "I want to kiss you."
      (Drool). Trading in plasma screen TV so I can sit in my gargage and listen to the NFL. Sounds like fun...

    • For months people here speculated (usually wildly) about an NFL deal; I posted that something like that was years down the road for whichever company could put it together. The NFL just does not make bad business decisions, their owners know how to make money. No satellite radio company had, or has, enough subscribers to get the NFL to pay attention.

      I was wrong. The NFL is willing to wait a few years for the payoff. They see it is still early in the first quarter and know a lot of points will be scored before this game is over.

      Sirius, with a small initial cash outlay has just hired 33 high-powered marketing firms, partners, if you will. The NFL and its teams recognize the value of stock in Sirius and will put their marketing might into building their investment. As Joe Namath once said, "I can't wait 'til tomorrow, 'cause I get better looking every day."

    • I don't think they "need" cash as much as you make it sound (cash burn was 45MM last qtr)...especially after this secondary. Will they raise the fee? I don't feel as though they will. It would seem logical to do it at the time of the commercial free announcement. The two most popular ways to gain market share: aquisition and competitive pricing.

      You talk about XM's "bad" deals, what is your take on the NFL?

    • You realize, of course, that you never answered the question I posed in the message to which you first responded. I'll ask again.

      Do you think that XM, which needs cash, may raise their subscription rates now that they have severely reduced their advertising revenue stream?

    • I can tell I am getting under your skin. I don't want to tell you anything else you don't want to put me on ignore.

    • Look, you can believe what you want, I really don't care, but I do believe that if you weren't concerned with Sirius threatening XM's future, you wouldn't be here posting.

      Maybe you weren't involved,or maybe you just weren't paying attention, and maybe it doesn't make sense, but Panero definitely stated that GM's revenue share was 50%, or a little more - deal with it.

      Don't tell me about Legg Mason or next year's cash flow. When you say the satellites are paid for a year or two in advance of launch, you lose all credibility.

      XM has certainly gotten a head start on OEM installations, but at what cost? Crippling revenue sharing, huge debt, "involuntary" inflated subscriptions with high non-renewal rates, just like Big Brother's OnStar. At exactly what point does a GM "subscriber" begin to earn money for XM?

      Chrysler and Ford deals are growing as the market demands, without "break the bank" payouts. I can wait.

      You seem to be misinformed - aren't you one of the guys who said "pay for radio" would never work? Spend some time investigating these things rather than typing furiously - you might just get rich.

    • did you ever hear of cable tv. there were more than one and still are.. also, usually if not always, the one with the better product and better service wins the consumers! siri- long term, i think so. i have made some nice moves in the market and this is just another! cocky? no...confident.. my money speaks for me and that goes for the rest of us siri longs!

    • Why is GM bailing on XFM? Why did Hughes sell 8.5 million shares of XFM?

    • To add to this, I have only seen Honda require some bandwidth...although analysts expect more compensation going to Honda as they ramp up.

    • Panero has never disclosed the amount given to GM, for good reason. How would it make since if GM is paying 6 per month (60%) on the promos?

      Sats...Leg Mason ring a on hand plus Cash flow positve next yr

      Insurance...Similar cases have already been awarded proceeds

      Market share...this is not a mature market. Thus, it is a race to see who can gobble up all the potential subs first and XM continues to do that 4 times faster.

      "Way down the road" is this year.

      Not much of a deal without radios in the vehicles.

      OEM is the key...SIRI is falling behind big time in this distribution channel.

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