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  • michele6868 michele6868 Jan 15, 2004 4:42 PM Flag

    If dips into 2's...Then.....

    Buy more!!!! Take advantage of opportunities presented. At 3.50 SIRI ran too quick, this pull back is very healthy. Whats interesting is that there is a remarkable amount of support here above 3.10 after it hovered around 2.15 - 2.30 for a very long time. Could be gearing up for another run towards the end of this qtr and into 2Q04...In the meantime, dont over react, and if you have nothing intelligent to say then dont post!!!

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    • I think it should go back down under 2.

      I am not too impressed with the sub count forcast for 2004. They said 800 k by the end of 2004.

      Lets look at XMSR this time last year.
      483075 subs to start 2003
      1360000 subs end of 2003
      876925 total new subs

      SIRI ends quarter with 261,061 so they are saying they can not even match last years XMSR sub numbers this year even with all the extra exposure.


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      • I doubt SIRI will drop under $3 but even if it what? The upside potential is fantastic because it's only competitor is inferior and yet selling at a premium.

        NOBODY knows what the sub count will be by the end of 2004, not even Joe Clayton. His guess-timate is just as good as anyone else's, probably more conservative because he over-estimated for 2003.

        SIRI's content will make it the undisputed LEADER in the end....mark my words.

      • if it dips, then buy.. and buy more. your not chasing the titanic to the bottom of the sea floor! many many more people knew of xmsr way before the siri started get noticed. there will be two dogs in every fight. ask yourself on question, do you invest in quality or quantity over time? i agrre that it is scary to see the kind of volatility that this stock has, but it only goes to show that it is obviously much more than noticed now! i thought that sat rad was the greatest until i found out how crappy xmsr is... i have seen the diff betw them and know that siri will take over due to better quality!

      • You are so screwed. This stock will not hit the two's.... A s a matter of fact-- The basic reason for the Bank of NY deal was to cap. on the increased growth over the last quarter. If you look closely-- you will notice that the Puts expire and they got hosed. Which will also be offset by the continued Institutional buying. In short.... the upward trend is very likely based on aggresive strategic planning. If for some reason they secure another line of credit based on a substantial increase in stock value-- Shorts will have to cover between 3 and 4.5... the increase to the stock should place the value at 7.5 within a four month period-- worst case is the stock dipping for a couple of sessions before subs' are announced... however -- considering that most electronic stock hardware has sold out-- which was at the 420k range.... you are looking at 500k subs within a month.

    • If it dips back to $1.80 to $1.90 I consider
      buying some with profits from XM. Even
      $2.50 is a little too steep at this point
      in time.

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