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  • siriusmaximus siriusmaximus Apr 23, 2004 11:41 AM Flag

    Sent Letter To Siri Advertising...

    To whom it may concern, (please forward to the Advertising department)

    To start, I need to tell you that I am an investor in Sirius Satellite Radio. I currently own several thousand shares of Sirius stock, and it is my intention to hold on to SIRI stock for quite awhile.

    I am writing to tell you that your advertising, in comparison to your competition, XM Satellite Radio, pales in comparison. I understand that advertising is expensive, and XM probably has more resources available to commit to the advertising/marketing effort, but I must say that I cannot believe that your "absence" in the consumers eye is very alarming to me.

    I will submit to you just one example of what I mean.

    Have you monitored the CNBC financial channel lately? If so, have you noticed the BOMBARDMENT of XM Satellite Radio full commercials showcasing their product? I will ask you at this moment to compare your 3-5 second blurb showing only your name/logo with a slogan (I can't even recite it as it is so nondescript) announcing Sirius on the CNBC financial channel. When people listen to both of these advertisements from Sirius and XM, which one do you think will have the most impact? Do you really think that Sirius' advertisement will capture the interest of the potential Satellite Radio consumer? I for one can tell you that my impression is that we (Sirius) is an inferior product just by this one advertisement space alone.

    Over the past several months, I have seen many, many XM full commercial advertisements on various TV channels, and I must tell you that I have yet to see one Sirius full length commercial. Yes, I am familiar with the commercial featuring Pamela Anderson, but that is it. At the time I saw it air on TV, a long while ago, I wasn't an investor in Sirius, and it didn't really make that big of an impression on me then. After I became an investor in Sirius Radio, it clicked that the advertisement with Pamela Anderson was for Sirius Satellite. That is in part do to your commercials being so infrequently aired.

    I have discussed Satellite Radio with several people, and guess what? Those people know about XM, but had no clue that Sirius even existed, and that you offered superior content. It was like an epiphany to those that I spoke with about satellite radio when I explained that the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc., etc., was offered as content from Sirius, in comparison to XM's NASCAR sports coverage. They were in awe about your sports coverage alone, but had no clue you offered it, or that you even existed. How is this possible? These are people in the 20 to 30 year-old age group, and let me tell you one thing...if you are not connecting with that demographic sample, then you are really missing the boat here. I am totally serious about this.

    I really feel that your advertising efforts are seriously lacking and will be a detriment to your (our) success. Please don't misunderstand what I am saying here, I am only trying to point out that people should, by now, recognize Sirius as a superior service in the Satellite Radio niche.

    After all, there are only 2 Satellite Radio companies (Sirius and XM), and if you are not on top and perceived as the superior service, then there is only one other spot that you can occupy (the bottom of the heap), and this is a perception that is not conducive to success.

    Thank you for your time,


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    • Agreee! With all the money we've raised "issuing stock", a good percentage should be funneled into advertising!
      At some point, there has to be a "concerted, sustained, and 'indulging', bombardment of advertising for Sirius- as much or more than that for XM!
      You're right, people, by and large, know Sirius to the extent that they have made themselves known via media, and it's not that great, yet (I hope it's just a matter of time...)

    • Man do I agree...........

      and I have a story to tell that stems from this issue..............


    • Siriusmax..good info , thanks. Its blatantly apparent that Joe Claytons salary +++ was the money ment to fund a decent marketing and sales pitch. Maybe Joe should put say $5M where his mouth is and get us some visibility . Just a suggestion Joe.
      PS.. its possible that with all the $$$ now in the bank that management are getting a little complacent !

    • Exactly my sentiments. What are they doing with their money? There is absolutely no advertising to speak of.

    • Very well said, i hope they start with nfl big time comericials. "nfl only on sirius"

    • Great letter, sent.

    • I sent the following letter as well to the marketing department back in early e-mail and their response is below:

      Thank you for contacting SIRIUS regarding the marketing of SIRIUS. We
      appreciate your comments and suggestions. We have forwarded your
      request to the appropriate person in our marketing department for

      We are dedicated to providing quality service and customer satisfaction. We encourage comments on how we can improve our service.


      SIRIUS Customer Care Agent

      Visit us on the web at

      Original Message Follows:
      Just my two cents...
      I am a Sirius subscriber and shareholder. Sirius is awesome stuff and the word is getting out...however, it really seems as if your marketing strategy is the weakest link thus far. I know about Radio Shack, NFL,
      and Dish, however, I see more XM advertisements than SIRI advertisements. Sirius hardware, programming, partnerships, and service is better, but the word needs to get out more! We need a marketing blitz! Just a thought from a big fan of SIRI...

      • 1 Reply to siriuslygr8t
      • I wish I was more articulate about things of this nature, so my letter to Sirius is what it is, and hope that it at least lets them know that they, from my point of view, are not as effective as they may think they are at "exposing" their strong points.

        I think your letter, and mine, have common threads and maybe they (Sirius) needs to hear this.

        Sirius really needs this kind of feedback, or they will simply go about thinking they are being effective in their advertising efforts.

        I can't believe that they really think that "word of mouth" or "indirect advertising" is going to make Sirius shine. People need to voice how they are perceiving their advertising effort or they will continue with business as usual.

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