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  • buyitsellit2003 buyitsellit2003 May 28, 2004 5:18 PM Flag

    So here we are...

    If you are bearish or short, and share your opinion, you are a basher. Not always true.

    If you are long and bullish, you are a blind pumper. Also not always true.

    Can two investors look at the same company and see different stories. Yes, always true. Especially with a speculative play like SIRI. I really do see two different views.

    1) If I were a fundamental buyer looking for a position to add to my "growth portfolio", I wouldn't touch SIRI with your ten foot pole. Who the heck would want a company with no earnings, tons of cash burn, dilution out the wazoo, slow growth...? I'll tell you who...

    2) The speculator. The buyer that sees SR growing and wants to get a piece of the expansion. The buyer that puts the entire fundamental research in the back seat and recognizes an opportunity to get on board with a company with vision. A company willing to dilute, spend cash, take risks, buy deals,... in a effort to gain a bit of market share and eventually turn a profit.

    There isn't a buyer out there that looks at the fundamentals and truly believes he or she is buying a real solid growth company. Therefore, the arguments of the bears really carry no weight. I am bullish on this company as a cyclical play as we head into holiday season Q4. I can't back up the arguement with earnings or revenue, but I have made a few bucks trading this issue. The bulls can't argue either with those that pick this dog apart. There really isn't anything really compelling to say about the balance sheet of SIRI.
    So here we are... battling it out on the message boards in an effort to do what? Certainly not win an unwinable fight. We certainly don't believe that our words can move the stock. Then why? Maybe to justify our own decisions. Maybe we sit here and instead of taking a long term outlook, we measure the day to day movements and justify it with posts and banter.

    Relax folks. Let the bears call you names. They really aren't playing the same game.

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