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  • american_chariot american_chariot Jun 25, 2004 5:15 PM Flag

    Motely Fool Short Sirius

    I use to hear people "almost joke" that one of the reasons the Fools use to diss Sirius so much was b/c they were "shorting it". I thought that was just "wild banter", until I saw today's article:

    ..."The Motley Fool's old Rule Breaker portfolio even shorted companies on occasion, like it did with Guitar Center (Nasdaq: GTRC) and Sirius Satellite (Nasdaq: SIRI)...."

    I imagine when they "quit shorting it", that's probably about the time they started "singing Sirius' praises". Geez, I thought they were just "fascicious", trying to stir-up controversy and agitation, for entertainment's sake, not their own "pocket-book's" sake. That's a bit shady, if you ask me!

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    • Everybody who has done any homework knows the fools were short SIRI several years ago. The more valid point is the fool always release there SIRI news stories on Fridays in hope that the 400 thousand siri investors will hit their web site on the weekend. All about web hits.

    • nobody says or does anything regarding stock market advice that is not in their own financial interest....full disclosure I own long shares of SIRI....and am fully loaded with regard to my portfolio partition. always cracks me up when I hear "Mr. Doe or his family has no shares in company XYZ" ...then why the F does he care and why is his opinion worth anything?

    • We're STILL a $3.00 stock, barely, temporarily, till it drops some more. Should I still blame the Motley Fool for today's dismal performance ????

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      • I wouldn't blame them for Sirius' PPS, I just wouldn't believe another word that ever comes out of their mouth!
        Backstabbing crooks is what this "revelation" tells me; all the while they sing praises of XM, while secretly "shorting Siri"; damn if that doesn't reek of manipulation.
        I think it's illegal too! Maybe I'll report them to the SEC! Not that they'll do anything about it; they are more interested in finding investors growing weed in their back-yard than busting "Enron-like theives", with the exception of Martha Stewart, but maybe the Fools were shorting her to, before they "blew the wistle" on Imclone?
        Go figure, welcome to the darker-side of America!

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