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  • american_chariot american_chariot Jun 25, 2004 5:22 PM Flag

    Motely Fool Short Sirius

    I wouldn't blame them for Sirius' PPS, I just wouldn't believe another word that ever comes out of their mouth!
    Backstabbing crooks is what this "revelation" tells me; all the while they sing praises of XM, while secretly "shorting Siri"; damn if that doesn't reek of manipulation.
    I think it's illegal too! Maybe I'll report them to the SEC! Not that they'll do anything about it; they are more interested in finding investors growing weed in their back-yard than busting "Enron-like theives", with the exception of Martha Stewart, but maybe the Fools were shorting her to, before they "blew the wistle" on Imclone?
    Go figure, welcome to the darker-side of America!

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