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  • american_chariot american_chariot Jul 12, 2004 1:04 PM Flag

    I like what's happening

    I kind of alternate between "being excited/ and being disappointed"! I do think we have definitely have taken the lead with "content", no question; and I'd say Joe Clayton has been more responsible for some of our "really exciting content providers", in addition to our retail partners, Dish and Radio-Shack, than probably any other individual at Sirius, just b/c of his "past history in consumer electronics", i.e. RCA-DTV!
    However, that being said, we're just not seeing the growth we need to give investors confidence, no national advertising, and we're always "waiting in the wings" for this "great propulsion" to take place.
    Maybe we do need a Mel Karmazin on board, to really "get this Dog up"!
    It's a trade-off though; don't forget the original Sirius Manifesto! I don't know that we'd have the same "originality, creative-mojo, or budding-talent" that we now have, if we "go more mainstream", with the likes of a former Viacom chief.
    Personally, I think we need a "major marketing firm", to really "sell Sirius to the public". That's the "one thing" holding Sirius back, imo, is just not enough people really know what "Sirius" is? I mean, your avergae "Joe Public". They know XM, that's b/c XM has done to marketing itself, exactly what Sirius needs to do for itself! I think we'd help attract the likes of a big "Ford" initiative, if we really got the Public behind Sirius.
    Use the Dog-appeal, start the advertising Blitz; get Dish to feature Sirius in their full-page newspaper adds, and their constant internet pop-up adds; get Prascilly Presely to do TV spots, and give Sirius a "human feel" (instead of the robot, "out-of-touch" adds!; get some NFL players to start "pushing Sirius".
    That's what we need entirely, a "Sirius Presence"! PERIOD. END OF PARAGRAGPH!
    Mary Pat Ryan, are you there? Where is the "Sirius apparel" Joe told you to "start-on", and have on the web-site during last CC?
    When people are paid "millions", then as stockholders whose equity has been "hit upon" time and time again, to keep the "Sirius ship afloat", we have a right and obligation to ask these kinds of questions, imo.!

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