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  • american_chariot american_chariot Sep 1, 2004 7:48 PM Flag


    I don't want to argue with you Don, and I don't want to be "right" on this issue. Tell me this, what's your guess as to Sirius' sub count today?
    I can tell you what XM's is, no problem! XM, as of Sept.1st, 2004 has:2,672,499 That's 155 more subs than my last posted count of XM having 2,672,344 post #1078786, just about 30 minutes ago!
    Damn, that's some fast sub additions!

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    • Go back to your XM Board loser! You dont have a clue!
      american_chariot has been added to your ignore list

      • 1 Reply to don_wrikkke1z
      • Don, as big as a supporter and fan of Sirius as I am, you calling me to "go back to the XM board", b/c I'm asking sincere and legitimate questions concerning my sizeable investment, tells me you are a "pumper of the worst kind", b/c you don't want to answer the "tough questions" with any reasonable, logical response!
        In my mind, I will disregard your "Siri-to-the-moon" post in the future, b/c of your last "name-calling" post in response to a very legitimate oberservation I was pointing out!
        Your "well-wishing" is no longer credible. As much as I want to see Sirius succeed, it does me, nor my investment dollars, not once ounce of good to be "pumped" with "to-the-moon" sentiment, without backing up your observations with factual evidence!
        I don't use the ignore feature, but I will disregard your "overly enthusiastic", "stong-buy" recommendations in the future!
        Now go buy a few more subs, and actually help out the company, instead of "trying to pump-up this thing" on pure sentimental enthusiasm!

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