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  • smartinvestor2003 smartinvestor2003 Oct 7, 2004 3:48 PM Flag

    You could sell now or later here is why

    First of all, This is a good stock to hold for the next two years or even one year. But the truth remains. Anyone that is smart will take a profit right now and buy after the smoke has settled. The only reason we only went up 3.6% today with high volume is because there is alot of smart money getting out. You can always get in later, this stock is not about to rocket anytime soon that is for sure. Wait till Howard stern in on Siri radio first. If you take profit today, I guarantee you that you will be able to buy in cheaper then $4.00

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    • What are good entry points below $4? Do you think we'll go below $3.60? I got money in, but don't mind adding more at the right time. I'm here for the long run. Do you see SIRI breking the 52 weeks high soon?


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      • I think it's kind-of a tricky call! You know, Sirius has never had a "big ramp-up" similar to what XM enjoyed last year. Of course, the "business models" are quite different, with XM having far less shares outstanding, and the number of shares a Co. has "in the float", greatly affect the movement of the stock price.
        With that said, if you "trim the parameters" of the stock's price movement relative to each other, Sirius could stand a "lot more to gain", but that surely doesn't mean that you won't have an opportunity to "add more at a much better price"!
        Anyone with a definitive answers is "only guessing"; There are so many variables and factors involved!
        Last word,...I would think that you will have an opportunity to "buy more cheaper"; The question is, how much cheaper?

    • what would you put the buy order in at?

      and when do you see it coming down a little?

      i would like to get in about $3.60?

    • If we wait until stern is on siri it will be a $20. stock then. Sorry, I'll wait

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