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  • babble_on_28 babble_on_28 Dec 8, 2004 2:15 PM Flag

    Cramer talks about this 'cool down'

    Just got my daily alert from Cramer. Bottom line of the article projects how long this drop will is his bottom line:

    "You can't go from a red-hot griddle to cool enough to cook in a day.

    Three days? Maybe.

    A week? That's better. "

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    • He's been pushing Commericial Radio stocks like CCU since May, has Clayton on his show and he and Kudlow cheer the stock--now the company is going into the QQQQ at 3.91 mind you, and all of a sudden he gets a conscience?

      Cramer has an agenda, and is a stopped clock telling time twice a day.

      Sell off possible for three days? Yeah, lots of rock and roll.

      The thing is, the next few weeks, will all of this pass the so what test?

    • I wonder what is happening? QQQQ inclusion is days away, 7-8 market genuises decide "time to cool off"--even XM taking it in the butt.

      Certainly the stock is ahead of itself, but more importantly, it's ahead of pundits whose hands are in the till, or whose friends hands are in the till.

      The herd may be dumb, but notice 600M shares are changing hands today, and somebody thinks the high 6's and mid 7's are a place to be, or there would be no buying.

      So what are you going to do? Ride it or run with the herd?

      Your choice.

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