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  • ebenezeroog ebenezeroog Dec 10, 2004 8:36 PM Flag

    siri goes up because of short sale


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    • mind elaborating on that?

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      • It actually is hard to say in a few letters in the title but it goes like this--you got 7% of the holders of this stock wishing it would go down.

        Around mid November, when those guys were dissing this stock, and I was one of them, folks were short under $4.50, to the point that there were enough of them to hold the market at bay for almost a day and a half all by themselves.
        Now you got a whole bunch out there at $4.5 to about $6.9. And we just made the QQQQ and we are on our way back to eight.

        Now they have a problem when the stock goes up against them-they are not only losing money-it has to go up at least a penny for them to get out each and every trade. So they crowd and panic trying to get out. The longs say, OK but give me one more penny, many many times over.

        Can you imagine what happens as they squeeze the market to try to save their lives? This is called a short squeeze, and the more there are of them, the more they force the price upward.

        Now it is a technical thing, it doesn't last forever, but a lot of the upward momentum hangs around. If you're nimble and you want to make a fast fifty cents, that is the time. If you want to hang around but you want the profit, you sell a covered option at the higher price against your stock, so if it settles you cream off the difference.

        When shorts are wrong, shorts are your best friend. No shit.

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