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  • mardermj mardermj Dec 29, 2004 11:14 AM Flag

    XM Does Not Equal SIRI

    Yeah they are the same bag of potato chips financial to financial issue, and I own 8000 SIRI shares long on a flyer and 5000 XM

    Look kiddo, if XM were fairly priced at 40 with 3.1M Subs, SIRI would be at 1M subs 1/3 of 40 or 11.33 share for share if they had equal shares outstanding.

    There are five SIRI shares for every XM share--that puts FMV at 2.50-2.65, and SIRI blows $4 for every 50 cents XM blows to get a subscription.

    The 5.65 BofA gave this stock was VERY generous and cranks in more than 100% for Mel and STERN.

    Give it a rest--we are doing great--anything north of $7 is a winner.

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    • Hey genius valuate other companies and come back with that rational. Yhoo, AAPL before ipod, you want more retard. Most companies trade way past their earnings. BoA is finished.Oh you did not read the new promotion:Her I will fill you in. All SIRI shareholders are encouraged to close all accounts and credit Cards from Banc of America. When SIRI smashed 4 mil subs in 2005 that will be 4 mil less customer for Banc of America. You get the point. So when MEL downgrades Boa to worthless liars who own xm and have an interest in bashing SIRI, then you can join the longs at a premium. GO SIRI!

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