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  • mturner_71 mturner_71 Oct 13, 2006 9:45 AM Flag

    So I just bought a new vehicle...

    Yet that is the sell as well. Get them for one year. I just got Sirius, and with the tunes they have, compared to commercial after commercial on regular air waves, after a year of enjoying satellite radio, you will NOT want to go back to regular radio. I think giving people the taste will make them regulars at the barbeque.
    I just bought 100 shares at 3.84. Hope it goes up a buck-er-two.

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    • your missing the point...

      my point is, by making this available to everyone, they are going to cannabalize additional subs...

      I've been paying them $12.95 a month since october of ', they won't get any money from me for the next month...and it seems as though EVERY retail sub will go through this at some point

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      • The point they're trying to make is that even though YOU won't be paying a monthly fee, the car manufacturer will be. So Sirius is still collecting money while you listen to satrad. Granted, Sirius won't be "double" collecting on you during the 12 month promo.

        The bigger point is that most people are not in your situation. I, for instance, am very long Sirius but have not yet bought satrad for myself (have for others). If I purchase a new car today and get addicted to satrad for 12 months, I'll probably be willing to pay a monthly fee at the end of the promo, and Sirius just got another lifetime subscriber.

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