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  • sirius_on2002 sirius_on2002 Oct 26, 2006 10:43 AM Flag

    How could Rush Limpbaugh (R) Smear Michael J. Fox?

    This is why Republicans will continue to retain control of the Government. Democrats post all sorts of messages slandering them in all areas, thinking that they (Democrats) are so smart that they are actually influencing the dumb people in the flyover states. Convictions like security, fewer taxes, economic growth, fair policies to average Americans, the right to stay America - all of these don't go away easily. Democrats offer Monday morning quarterbacking and socialist leaning policies. Their message is hate, their solutions few. They will raise taxes and give away our hard-earned money to prop up misguided social programs and unions that steal from their members and drive corporations out of business. Step-by-step to socialism. Rush may have overstepped but his overstepping pales in comparison to what the Dems are saying every day. Dems just don't get that Americans don't like their ideas, they think that we just need to hear their arguements (because Dems are intellectually superior)and we will vote for them. It ain't gonna happen for you in 2006, good luck in 2008. Go SIRI!

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