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  • vacavillain vacavillain Nov 9, 2006 3:58 PM Flag

    siri supporters talk substance please. . .

    i'm a sirius supporter(long) but the only people here talking any hard numbers are the bashers. . .

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    • LIAR!

    • vacavillain -
      just wanted to know - are you from vacaville -
      near elmira?

    • SORRY Vacavillain.
      The constant bombardment of Bashers here who are "really tough" on message boards, just gets so thick, it sucks you in like a black hole... into dumbness.....
      But, I am long too! So Way to Go!

    • Everyone knows that the financials are in shambles. That's why the bashers keep pointing to the numbers. They know you can't argue with past performance. The factors that are true about sirius now are:

      They have the best content on ALL radio.

      They are promising CFBE will come soon, that means more money for investors.

      They beat estimates a little bit this Quarter.

      This company has belivers because the content is superior. Loyal listeners will continue to pile on.

      Bashers like to talk about churn, but the adds are way greater than cancellations. They don't like to point out that with almost every media company in history, there will be increasing churn as the number of subscribers incerases. That's only logic.

      Stern, whether you like it or not... I personally hate what he did with taking all his dollars out of his stock... is a very heavy cornerstone to this organization.

      There is a worldwide audience now, that is just waking up.

      Soccer, nascar, and all the other sports are great! I love how I can listen to the hockey game, and see the score etc. while I'm sittin in traffic in the morning. If I get home later than the game starts, it's okay now, because I can still hear all the action!

      The fundamentals are continually improving, thanks to Mel and friends.

      Stiletto is coming out for Christmas, CFBE should be near then too, and Nascar coming around the same time. Triple whammi that will send this stock through the roof.

      Is that enough? I have more.

      • 1 Reply to hotfunkdog
      • That works for me, like i said i'm a long, but the bashers are the only ones with substance. here's why i'm a long. . . i believe that yeah its the best radio on radio, i believe it is much better than XM (content wise), but i am a long because i believe that with satellites it allows them to be global. i am long because i want sirius to open up to international listeners. that is where you're going to get your mega growth. its just a matter of when they'll figure out that they can go beyond borders. hey lets start a moto, "sirius without borders!!"

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