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  • mardermj mardermj Jan 14, 2007 11:44 AM Flag

    Time to reelect Bush to a Third term!!!

    I am getting tired of this Holy War against the camel jockeys. All we did was bitchslap 1990's foes in order for sonny boy to outdo Daddy, because Osama was and is too hard to find. Bush is a frustrated Christian zealot as weird as any televangelist howling at the moon Sunday mornings, and its costing us literally all vulnerability against real targets, like N Korea, which touts nukes and is trying to toss long range ballistic missiles at Japan.

    If Saddam was the target, couple snipers could have done the job. Our President is an idiot, we were attacked by SAUDI's on 9/11 carrying box cutters, and this jerk tossed 3000 American lives countless wounded and TWO TRILLION DOLLARS at the wrong guys for god knows what reason, and continues to do so in spite of four years so patience, longer than WWII.

    America is slowly learning it can't keep putting psychopathic warmongers into leadership positions, I'm all for war against real perps like N Korea, but our cowardly former SEC DEF felt we couldn't win there.....

    The Two Trillion could have been dumped into alternate energy, and we would have been devorced from needing oil in ten years. Instead, we engage in ground wars to liberate camel jockeys and put Micky D's on every corner, the wholesale American solution.

    Sorry, it wont wash, and these guys are on their own in about 36 months. If they really want democracy, which I doubt, let them work for it.

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