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  • wherestheannouncement wherestheannouncement Sep 13, 2007 6:49 PM Flag

    CONSOLIDATION IS GOOD NEWS! But quit being INDECISIVE traders!!!

    If you or anyone else who have been following the news carefully, and I mean VERY carefully, coupled with the way SIRI has been trading this past week better get past your INDECISIVENESS really soon, and I mean reallllllllllllly soon. Or ALL YOU INDECISIVE traders / investors will be drooling over this lost opportunity repeatedly saying to yourself�.. �If only, if only I would have . . . . . ???????�

    "If only I would have" Will amount to..... "I missed the opportunity to have........." Again, only time will tell. But if you use good sense and make a sound investment with money you can afford to make or lose money with then you should feel comfortable after doing your DD and following through.

    But do your DD and do it NOW if you're not yet sure. But don't wait much longer. Times running out with every tick of a second that passes by. Play the game or get out! And remember, there are NO GUARANTEES! But your DD should tell you that this merger is now looking ever more positive then at any time before it's announcement. !!!DON'T bet the HOUSE on it!!! but use good sense, common sense when and if you decide to play the game and the likelihood of this merger being approved and approved soon!!!

    JMHO Folks!

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