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  • siriuslymemphis siriuslymemphis Jul 29, 2008 4:16 PM Flag

    Maybe a "hostile-takeover" and CEO-out!

    As far as I'm concerned, Mel did his job, he got the merger through; I honestly doubt he's "tech-advanced" enough to maximize the combined companies now-huge platform going forward, but rather, he's so old-fashioned, he'll continue to run th is Co. as a "radio-Co." only, and we'll be lucky to wither under $2.00 for years; Maybe we don't need new Sats. now that we have XM's; Still, now they are saying profits in 2013, instead of 12-months! Same crapola, different spin!

    At $1.59, my faith is shaken in his ability to do much other than consumate this merger; I'm watching tons of other great stocks zip-by, while I feel more stuck than ever in this "always-tomorrow-story"; I'd be happy with a hostile-takeover and $2.50!
    Mel was #4 I think, on AOL's home-page yesterday of CEO's that most need to go! The list also included Yahoo's, Viacom, CBS's and Qualcom, to name a few!

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    • Fire the lying son of a bitch jew.

    • I think you are totally wrong..but everyone is entitled to their opinion! A few months from now I think everyone will be singing his praise!!

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      • I don't think so. Only $400 million in saving now? Do you realize what that translates to in PPS? About 12 cents.

        SIRI is done & shareholders have been hearing "A few months from now" for too long. I would like to see Mel fired, except that he would probably get some gigantic bonus & severance. Sad.

        I honestly don't agree with government regulating CEO pay, but when you see things like what happend with SIRI you realize that these guys are asking, almost begging, for it.

      • My final word is "I'll believe it when I see it"! And right now all I see is $1.59, and I'm wondering if we test the opening lows of today, b/c if we hit $1.48, then we'll go down good from that level; That's all I can think about now, what's in front of me to deal-with, not some grand greatness that lies ahead, "just-a-few-months-longer", just like we sat here for over 1-year, saying the exact same thing! Those few months turned into 1-1/2 year, and then "boom", $1.50!


    • Yep, agreed. I can't believe they used the old CFBE PR again. An old chestnut that one.

    • you hit the nail on the head. karmazins bullshit is starting to repeat itself, such as cfbe by 2009. he claimed siri would be cfbe in 2007.
      siri needs a steve jobs type person with vision, not an old carnival barker like karmazin

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      • I still believe in the Co. and product having said all that! Honestly though, I'm in so much damn debt holding this stock for so long, waiting for a merger that gave us what we got today, I will tell the Sirius-XM reps when it comes time to renew, that I've already payed my "thousands-in-sub-fees"! Hopefully I can renew my subs cheaper, and I really mean this! Yeah, I still want the service, I still like the product, but what's one to say, who has stuck by this Co. for this long, fighting for this "merger-that-would-save-the-day", and here we are, and this is what we get?

        I know someone else can turn-this-around...I know someone can utilize these Sats and the combined listenership, and make this a great growth story...but I'm not convinced it's Mel Karmazin! Too old, too 20th-Century! Give him a huge trophy, and a pat-on-the-back for achieving the impossible, but give me the average-Joe stock-holder, a new CEO who can make this work! Heck, I think Sirius' current CFO David J. Frear would be more capable of the technical running of this Co. over old-Mel!

      • Finally someone who see the real deal behind the smoke and mirrors. Mel needs to go he screwed all longtime shareholders

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