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  • crfceo crfceo Sep 3, 2008 12:55 PM Flag

    Enough of this...the reason the dems are


    attacking Palin on experience is that Osama has none of his's all they can do to take the focus off of his total lack of qualifications...

    Everyone sees through this crap...Obama has so little to offer, that the dems are setting up smoke screens like attacking a 17 girl...

    It is for reasons such as this that McCain will win every state in a landslide...the smear shit is does not work except to turn people against the smear perpetuators..

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    • Colossal stupidity, ignorance and off-topic rants earn you an Ignore, this one is just too much. Adios. You do not deserve the effort American Chariot put forth to correct you. A jerk like you will not listen anyway.

    • Yeah, real "smear" to question whether a female govenor from Alaska that few have ever heard of, is the most judicious choice McCain could make for his Vice-President nominee!

      Got not problem with Palin's personal life, b/c every politician and human-being has one; What I do have a problem with is a VP pick based on "political expediancy and strategy only"! Few will believe she is the most qualified for this position, and it's a long-shot to tout her credentials as "hocky-mom" qualifying her for possible Presidency of the United States! It was a dumb move imo, and even though the Republicans will support her and push this nomination through, people who are thoughtful and suspicious of a party who brings out para-military forces to pre-empitvely and illegally arrest the "Amy Goodman's of the world", on trumpted-up "suspicion-of-terrorism charges", will vote their suspicions soundly and resounedly in November!

      The electorate is not fooled, imo! Sarah Palin may be a great mother, governor and modelesque public figure, but she is hardly the best candidate for Vice-President of the United States that McCain could select; Funny thing is, it is reported that McCain wanted to select Liberman for his running-mate, but the far-right wouldn't even consider such! And judging by the "USA-chanting fascist" Red-Coat/turn-coats" at the convention last night, you'd think all was peaches-and-cream outside X-Cel Center, where 100's of people were being illegally detained and arresseted!

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